Why does he look at me when I smile and laugh?

Hey guys. So I'm going to try to keep this short.

Theres this guy that I like.. we don't have much classes together. he's pretty popular, but shy. I'm not as popular as him though, basically middle class you could say.

Anyway, a while back on askfm, the app, there were tons of questions about me stating that I was in love with him. He was saying how he didn't like me. I signed onto my account and told him that it wasn't me saying that stuff, and I got so mad because he wouldn't post it. He just let everyone think I was desperate for him. So then I kept sending comments about it and he finally deleted everything and posted the truth.

The other day when we were in class, I was talking to my friend, and everytime I smiled or laughed, I saw him looking at me. (My laugh isn't annoying btw)

Another day, we were in gym and he got all embarassed and stuff and he smiled and looked back at me. (He looked at me first)

But the thing is, he likes a girl.. he said so on askfm. And she's really popular.

Idk what to do! I really like him and everyone says we'd be pretty cute together.

BUT, we don't really know eachother that well.
Also, I've found that most of the time he looks down at the floor when he sees me.


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  • Ok well I can tell you right now he likes you...alot. I do it sometimes I look at girls. But he likes you simple as that. What ever he says on askfm he is not telling the truth because he has feelings for you. The reason why he looks at you when you laugh is because he is checking you out to make sure another guy isn't making you laugh.


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  • sounds like he's in interested try talking to him more.


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  • He has a sickness.

    Most men have it do to lack of Y chromosome


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