Is he playing mind games, becoming uninterested, or what? I'm so confused, help!

So there's this one guy that I've been talking to for about 1-2 months now. We hang out with the same group of friends so that's how we met each other. I'm pretty confident that he was initially pretty interested in me so I won't get into the details in regards to that.

So my question isn't on whether or not he likes me but if he is starting to lose interest. We used to Facebook message quite a bit during the last few weeks of the semester before winter break and during the first part of winter break, we messaged quite a bit as well. But his messages have become very slow in response time. Like. It used to be a few hours in between our messages but now, it's like I message him sometime around 1-3pm and then I don't hear a response until after 7pm. And even when I do respond back later, he doesn't message back again until around 11pm-midnight. And I know. We all have our own lives and it's winter break so I shouldn't expect a prompt reply back. But the timing of his messages feel too routine and I know that he gets on Facebook quite a bit. He'll be on and won't "see" my message and reply back until way later. So I'm extremely confused. Idk. I feel like he's still interested. Cause he hasn't ended the conversation yet. And if the convo starts to get a bit boring, he'll bring up a new pointless topic for us to talk about. He also fills me in on a lot of his daily life to-do stuff. For example, he told me some of his winter break plans and told me about some things that he had to do for the day. And he'll bring up things that I mentioned way in the past so it's surprising that he remembers so much of our previous face-to-face conversations. And from what I know, he doesn't really Facebook message any of our other friends. It's just me. But maybe he's starting to lose interest since he's REALLY slow in response time? Or worse, playing mind games and toying with me? Idk. He doesn't seem like that kind of person? He's never had a girlfriend before and he seems rather shy when it comes to the girls he's interested in so maybe that's just his way of going about things? Ergh. This sucks so a little help from all you wonderful people would be nice :(

Thank you!


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  • Don't take this the wrong way. If you want an immediate response. Don't write a letter. Call him

    • Do you think he'd find that weird though? Cause we're not exactly that close and my friend told me that I shouldn't ask him if he wants to Skype instead since it might be awkward.

    • Sorry for the late response but if you want the guy go for it. What do you have to lose? If your interested in the guy but he's not responding to you in time see if he wants to set up a Skype time or call him. Worst case scenario he says no he's not interested. If he jumps at the opportunity then you can guess that he's interested.

    • Haha, okay. Thank you!

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