How can I get the friendship back, why is he ignoring me, what did I do?

basically I started uni in September and liked this guy ryan, in about November I found out he liked me too, we started a relationship but it only lasted a week due to other peoples involvement and them making it awkward and we decided to try and go back to being friends, which didn't really work as we just seemed to ignore each other and now we never text at all (it all ended about two weeks ago)

i didn't speak/see him for a few days after we decided to stay friends, but our friends were all going to his gig that Thursday so I decided to go to start the step to becoming friends, it was fine, we talked to each other and it was nice.

the next night we all went out and it was fine, we talked, not quite how we did but it was getting there! however I did notice he was talking to other girls while looking at me the whole time and I am not sure why? later my friend hollie told me that ryan had tried to sleep with her the night before, I was a bit hurt by this to be honest because even though our relationship only lasted a week, I still did like him and I felt worthless, I stupidly sent him a text accusing him of it all and I then felt bad so the next day I apologized and said I wouldn't text him until he wanted to talk to me.

this Friday night, the last night before our three week Christmas break we all went out we ended up going to a club we both really hated, in the queue we were making awkward small talk not ignoring each other.

when we got in I spoke to one of my friends and asked if they wanted to go somewhere else, we invited ryan and two others. when we left he started to talk to me more, we had banter, he made jokes.

when we got in he basically acted towards me like nothing had happened. one of the other guys nick started to talk to me but then he told me that ryan obviously liked me/do we have history.

when dancing ryan would put his arms on my waist, or around me if I was facing the other way, he would hold my face often and act how he did when I didn't know he liked me, he was a bit drunk, we all were, I don't know if that has anything to do with it?

me and ryan got left on our own while the others got drinks, we kept dancing and he then kissed me, and I didn't know how to react, I was confused because we weren't together and I had convinced myself I was over him because he wanted to be friends? (he did it again too)

when we left we kept up with our banter, we shared my coat which we used to do.on the way back he said to me 'nick was tying to get with you, but you didn't seem interested haha... unless you do like him?' I told him I didn't.

when we got back he let me put my feet on his lap, which he always used to do. he kept taking the mick out of me and laughing at me and he kept tickling me too and hugged me when I left.

Last night we all went out for our first night back at uni, and it was horrible. it was like I didn't exist, I could have been naked and he wouldn't have looked twice. we are meant to be friends


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  • Did anything happen during the break ? Texting, calling ?

    • no nothing, I though at the time it would be for the best to let us have some space but now I am not so sure...

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    • i kind of do want to get back with him as I like him very much, but I don't want to make things more awkward, it was a mutual decision to be friends due to everything happening and I just want things to be okay again

    • Well then you should contact him, by text or face to face, in order to patch things up.

      But don't do it because you want things to be okay again. Do it because you want to be with him.

      Otherwise, you'll break up again soon. Gather your thoughts, and think about your reasons.

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