Ex girlfriend repeatedly contacts me which I ignore, and then makes it out that I'm the desperate one, retard.

I am actually fully just cutting contact with this girl now forever. This is the last straw. OK so me and my girlfriend were together for a year. She dumped me 3 weeks ago, she had previously dumped me over petty things and small disagreements on average every week for the last 2 months of our relationship. She would dump me and then regret it and apologise the next day. Anyway this time we just were talking about marriage in the future and I didn't agree with her view that the I should earn more or she wouldn't marry me. I opposed her view saying it's modern times and everything should be equal. She wanted to cuddle after saying this and I wasn't in the mood so just stayed on the other side of the bed. She flew into a rage got extremely angry, dumped me and blocked me on everything possible.

She said she wants to be friends in the future while she was dumping me, she then left I had, had enough of the continuous break ups so didn't chase her as I usually would. She said she wanted no contact for the next 6 weeks meaning till the end of our Christmas holidays. I didn't contact her, she then completely went against this and messaged me after 2 weeks, saying she feels ready to speak to me and wants to see how I'm coping. I was trying to get over her so ignored this. She then contacts me again a week later trying to sell me her gym membership. I needed one for cheap so just replied as I was completely over the situation, I was normal and friendly because I was over the break up and also because she said she wants to be friends as well after the break up I wanted to be civil. She was however cold and short with me and kept avoiding answering questions about why she was selling the pass etc.

I decided to just not respond after the last question she avoided answering because I was thinking why is she being short and cold with her answers like she was the one who got dumped and not me. Like what reason does she have to not be completely friendly as she even said we should be after the break up. Anyway I don't respond and she messages me again about me sending the money for the membership, so I reply to just say I have paid the money into her account. We keep talking and everything is normal, but I just ask is there a reason she keeps avoiding answering questions about why she is selling the membership? She then responds that it none of my business and I don't need to worry. So I haven't replied but I'm thinking that's cool, then she continues writing and says is talking to her awkward and she understands if I need space as she needs space as well?

WTF, you need space? OK that makes perfect sense when your the one repeatedly messaging me. I was the one trying to be friendly as I didn't see the need to hate or hold grudges and she's the one being short and telling me it's none of my business which I don't mind but still was it not her idea to try and be civil and friends...
So why is then being dismissive and kind of rude, anyway she keeps writing and says HAVE YOU TALKED TO ANYONE ABOUT US SOMETIMES IT HELPS...Honestly I nearly fell of my chair, your the one repeatedly contacting me, even when I don't respond you don't take a hint and keep messaging me, and then you have cheek to act is if I'm the desperate one chasing you? About how it helps to speak to someone like I'm the one dying inside to speak to you? Is she deluded...
Anyway so I was actually quite pissed of but instead of replying angrily I just thought it's not worth it so just didn't respond and planned on just never responding to her again. She then messages me 15 min later saying "Sorry, I've gone too far now haven't I, I will leave you alone now", is she seriously mentally ok? What do you think she could have meant by this. I am actually so done it's unbelievable I'm just like thanks for that anyway because I'm a forgiving person...
so although she dumped me I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt and remain civil and friendly with her but then she does this? I'm just going to never speak to her again and never look back what do you think I should do? What kind of behavior is this as well, why is she acting like this?

END OF POST, Thanks to all answeres


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  • If you're TRULY over her, then don't worry so damn much about what's going on in her head. She's probably just pissed that you didn't chase her like you normally do. Her little 'sell the gym membership' and tellingyou "Have you talked to anyone about us sometimes it helps". She basically trying to get you to ask for her back again, or at least get some sort of rise or hurt feelings to be exposed. She's feeling expendable right now, thinking that you'd always want her back. Well, she IS expendable and you DON'T want her back right? Then quit speaking to her, completely. It'll be a good humbling experience for the little brat that thinks she can break up and get you back anytime she wants. She's got a lot to learn.


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  • She enjoys playing games and is trying to string you along but you keep cutting the string so she has to keep reaching out to you. I would tell her straoght up you're over her and she needs to move on

    • Hahah great answer, I find it so funny that you have the same name as her lol creepy. Great answer never the less


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  • She is going through a breakup. Women and men alike can behave very strangely at this point. If you are over her (which I doubt after that short a time, but it's not impossible) then do whatever feels right to her. Otherwise I would advise you guys to cut off all the contact you have for a month or so. Then do whatever you feel like.


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