Boyfriend does not respect me I don't know what to do to get him to respect me.

We've been together for a year on and off and every single time I leave him alone he begs me back and says he will do things differently but he never ever does so then I leave him alone he begs me back again. I called him out on disrespecting me he talks to his mom the same way he grew up with out his dad so he wasn't taught how to be a man. I can't dodge him for sh*t. The longest we stayed apart was almost 3 months I'm always there for him I gave him a Christmas present and waited for mine I asked yesterday he said "i haven't bought it yet" I said ARE YOU SERIOUS! he said "yea I didn't have the money" but yet he will go drive to his friends house or what not to go play Magic the gathering but can't buy me a gift? I'm sick of him & quite frankly he even told me I could loose a few pounds and I would be "hotter". I get that everyone is going to tel me to break up with him etc but I want him to respect me before I do so sounds dumb but at least he will say I f*cked up the best girl ever. He won't even add me on Facebook I asked what was he hiding he said he is going to delete his account bullsh*t. :-( Met him on a dating site won't go back and do it again.


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  • what does respect mean to you? and in what ways is he falling short?

    if you respect yourself, and he is capable of respecting you., he will. if you don't respect yourself, or if he's unable or unwilling to respect you. he wont.

    so establish in your mind what respect means, before you expect it.

    you can't really ask for respect. you demand it by your behavior towards yourself and others. if he's unwilling to respect you , you'll have to leave. but first be clear on what it means to you.

  • Tell him he needs to be a fucking man, a GENTLEMAN. Then punch him in the face and walk away.

    I got mad reading this. I can punch him in the face for you too.

    • i literally just broke up with him I sent a few text and he said OK fine were done for good and I agreed and that was it happy as hell actually relieved.

    • You go girl! :)

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