What should I text back? Is she interested?

I met this Girl at the Club we danced the whole night together and she gave me her number and she kissed me on the cheek and said to me "you have my number bye" When she had to leave.

I texted her 2 days ago saying:

"Hey Beautiful,How are you ;)"

She replied a few hours ago:

"Hi James,I was out of credit, I had a bit of a hangover. How were you?:)"

Do you think she's interested? And What can I text her back?


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  • I honestly agree with romantic peanut, don't take dating advice from women haha. Every single girl and situation is different. And since you say you don't know her that well I also agree both are okay just leave out the beautiful part because someone has done that to me and I was creeped out and ignored them

    • Thanks @ Kaitkaitxmarie for your advice.

      However...The embarrassing thing is when she told me the club her name I couldn't hear her with the music,And I said I will call you "Beautiful" instead and she smiled and nodded...So now knowing that should I say "Good morning Beautiful" its kinda like saying "Good morning Laura" for example :P

      Thanks again,

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  • With just a text, we can't know. There's a beginning of interest at least because you two danced the entire time and she gave you her number. You can text back whatever you want to, answer her question and maybe ask how her day has been? After a few days (or even now) you can ask her if she fancies meeting up some time.

    • Thanks for your comment: CrystalMinds

      How does this sound:

      "I'm a lot better now seeing a text from such a beautiful girl,How has your day been? :)

    • It would make her smile, sounds good!

  • Yes I think she's interested :) You should have casual conversation something like:

    Oh I've been good/great thanks! A bit busy with work at ... but other than that just grand :) I enjoyed dancing with you that time! Would you like to meet again some other time by any chance? :) xx

  • Yes, she's interested. Chat for a little while and then try your luck by asking her out on a date. Something casual since you've literally just met.


What Guys Said 3

  • Take the "beautiful" out of the texts and both are OK. Please tell me you are taking her somewhere after the cinema - movies is not an ideal date because there is not much chance to get to know her and to escalate sexually (unless you like fucking in the cinemas).

    Protip - don't take dating advice from women.

    • Thank you @romanticpeanut,

      However why do you think I should take out the word "Beautiful"?

      She said she would rather the cinema and a few drinks after it :)

      Do you think I should just leave talking to her until the day before the date?

    • Don't over-analyse the text - you can put beautiful in if you want, though personally I think it sounds too "romantic" rather than "playful and fun" which things should be at this stage. Drinks after is good, make sure you kiss her at the very least and if you can, go for sex.

    • Will do thank you :)

  • Idk, but if you're really interested you should arrange to meet up and go on a date so you can get to know her better in person. If she's interested she'll gladly accept your offer and you two will be on your way. A lesson I learned recently is when you first text a girl, it should consist of a little small talk and arranging for a date. You can't really show a girl who you truly are through texting. A date will determine if she likes you back, if the date goes well then she will look forward to seeing you more. When you two aren't hanging out she will wanna talk to you all the time.

  • nope, but, time for a nice long break from texting her, let her come to you.. best case, wait 3 days and she texts you. if she doesn't, text her in 6 days and be like hey what's up how you been

    • I agree.

      You don't want to text her daily like you are in a relationship with her that can be overbearing and scare a woman away.

      Wait a few days before texting her again if she does not do so to you first.

      (Personally I think 6 days is too long)

      More like 3-4 days would be okay.

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