Is there ever a situation when it's OK to cheat?

is there ever a certain person or situation that makes it acceptable to cheat?

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  • No. The only "reason" I can think of that people use is when they are in a bad relationship and reason with: "What does it hurt if the relationship is already sour?"

    If your relationship is bad to where you no longer care for it, then end it. You have a serious mixup of priorities when you are running to someone else before even settling the first issue. End the relationship instead of stirring the pot and creating more drama.

    Oh and I'll also add a counter-excuse to what people come back with when confronted with what I just said. Sometimes they'll say they aren't brave enough to confront their partner and end things. There are two things wrong with that:

    1) You are brave enough to cheat on them. If you are afraid of them or just want to avoid awkwardness/conflict by ending things with them, then surely you should know that cheating on them will make them just as bad as just dealing with them yourself, right? Probably even worse than what they would be.

    2) Hate to tell them but it's not going to be easy. Just because avoiding it due to awkwardness seems like the easier path, doesn't mean that it's the right path. It's going to take some actual effort to solve your problems. Cheating only adds to your list of problems.


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  • I believe that there is, I think people often forget that some people can be trapped in a relationship... They have an abusive or obsessive partner who would either physically or mentally harm the person if they were to try and leave (or they at least give the partner that impression) Of course people will say 'all cheating' is wrong, that's a very narrow minded take on it. But unless you have experienced anything like that you wouldn't understand exactly what it's like. I've actually dated several girls who were stuck in 'relationships' and they were abused by the guys. It wasn't just some lie they were using to cheat, I was often there to see and hear the kind of things the guys were doing and I also helped them get out of those relationships. Did I really want to be the guy who helped a girl 'cheat'? Of course not, believe me the whole situation isn't ideal... but if two people like each other and one is in the worst of situations things kind of happen. I never thought any less of them, they aren't born cheaters... they didn't actively try to find other people to be with, they never cheated on me. So I do think it can be OK to cheat under the right circumstances so long as it's not a pile of lame excuses and bullshit.

  • I suppose, if both of them agree it's okay to cheat in some weird mutual agreement but, when does that ever happen?

    But yeah, to me personally, it's never okay. If you're not happy, you should break up first then go with someone else.

    • This is a great point- the terms of every relationship are different. So who's to say if cheating is universally wrong, it all depends on what the agreement in the relationship was. But, generally, with your standard monogamous relationship no, it's never okay.

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    • If there's an agreement that you're allowed to have sex with other people, it's not really cheating.

    • Yeah, open relationships.

      I may not agree with it, but that doesn't change the fact that technically it's not cheating. I usually like to keep my ideals and reality separate.

  • I would say no although if you already had planned on breaking up but just hadn't done it yet. Then it really wouldn't matter if you cheated or not. Just don't keep your partner believing that you are still together. I think that is the worst thing that could happen. One partner is too afraid to break up but still keeps having sex with other people.

  • if it's a relationship of convenience rather than mutual desire and there is no 'heart' to break, I suppose. But then, in such a relationship it's likely the prospect of sex outside the relationship would have already been discussed.

  • I voted 'No'. "OK" suggests 'fine'.

    I think there may be cases where cheating is a perhaps the least bad choice, or on par with other bad choices.

    reality is often, though not always, nuanced and complicated.

    • For the record, the obvious 'solution' is 'break up'. There need to be reasons why this is a terrible outcome for cheating to start looking on par with choices. If you're just a couple dating, its almost unthinkable that such reasons would exist. When people are financially intertwined, when they are raising children together, when one is potentially abusive, things get complicated.

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  • yes, if the guy neglects your emotions, is mean to you, doesn't take the time out to see you. Lies to you, and you try to break up with him but he twist everything so feel like you cant..i would cheat and I have. But I didn't do it on purpose it just happend. And how he was treating me he probably was cheating but that's not why I did it fell for some one else.

  • No but at the same time it depends on the couple. Some couples have certain rules where its okay. There's couples who agreed that it would be okay if it is with a celebrity or they're swingers, etc. Personally though, no. I can't see cheating ever being okay in my relationship.

  • No. There is only one solution: If the relationship is bad for a number of reasons, break up and sleep with whoever you want.

  • No. If you're unhappy in a relationship, break it off. No matter how shitty your partner treats you, cheating is always wrong and there's nothing that can justify it.

  • LOLOLOL Hell no. If you feel tempted, leave me. Have sex with however many women/men you want, SINGLE. But don't crucify my feelings because of your "urges". It's disgusting.

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