She has a boyfriend? doesn't make sense.

So there is a girl I dated about a year ago. We really clicked and she dropped "I love you" within a month, I was scared and said it back, but then she backed off and ended it shortly thereafter. Admittedly I was a little pissed off we got in a nasty fight over text and we never talked again.

So 15 months later I get a text message from her (as though I saved her number) asking for some help with an issue, which she could have easily asked any number of people. I help her out and she keeps talking to me throughout the day mentioning several times she owes me lunch for help and that I looked great in my recent Facebook pics. So I take the queue and ask her for dinner she agrees and its a romantic spot that she says is excited to go to with me. Then she all of the sudden drops "My boyfriend is out of town can you maintain a friendship?"

I don't get it. She asks me a question she could have just googled. Pays me compliments and is basically begging to ask her out? And then the boyfriend?



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  • You give her something that her boyfriend doesn't, so she is filling that void. Tread carefully..

    • Sounds like she's looking to talk to someone. Given your history, I would drop her and move on. She seems to have some baggage.

    • Yep you were right...

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