I love you slipped after drinks....OH Boy! Can it be taken back?

My fling came to a party with my coworkers and myself. I was giving my guy space and letting him mingle and feel comfortable with every one with out me smothering him. He got mad at me for talking to a fellow coworker too much. My guy told me at first he got jealous then 4 beers later he said he was not jealous. I was sober at this point and so I drove him home. On the trip home he just lets it all out that at first he was jealous and then he thought about it and wasn't really jealous because he had nothing to worry about. Then he continues to say he has sacrificed so much for me and that I don't even know, and subsequently that he was not going to tell me what it all was. Because he didn't want to stress me. Then follwes it all up with a " I am in love with you I have been for some time now" Yada yada blamed it on the alcohol and such, now a day later he wants me to forget about it all and just go back to having fun. I told him sure I ll forget about it but if he has the L word in mind every time were together and I have the just fun mentality, we are both invested different amounts. I am asking strangers now what they would do.


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  • I think your options are to give it a chance to see if he would be happy with the just fun mentality or to break it off. There is not much to lose by giving it a shot because the worst that would happen is that he didn't get over it and you break it off anyway. It may be that he will be able to accept that this is not going to be more than just fun. As long as you continue to be honest with what you want, he can't accuse you of leading him on.


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