Did your ex come back?

Did your ex come back to you? Did it work out? How long were you together?/ how long were you apart? How did you reconcile?

What did you do while apart from each other?


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  • we dated in 2009 for a few months we attended college together. Long story short he ended up calling the police on me :(. I got so mad that I just dropped him all together and didn't talk to him up until this past August. I called him upset with family problems. We started dating again in November, he says he still loves me and never stopped, but right now we are just trying to see if we are going to work again


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  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it won't. Just wait and see.

    But see who wronged the other. Because the person who was wronged will probably not come back without an apology from the other one.


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  • Men are way to feminine these days.

    Anyways, no thank god.

    • LOL. Because you're a lady from 50 years ago ?

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    • Why do loser guys always BLAME the women for their own behavior? Does a woman not being in the kitchen suddenly mean can act like girls AND blame us for it? Gee, we had no idea not staying in the kitchen meant your balls would disintegrate! Please grow a pair and man up and take responsibility for YOUR behavior and DON'T BLAME US - it's a lame excuse and we ain't buying it.

    • Women are too manly these days. Thank you feminism.

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