EX, not ex what are we?

okay so me and my ex sam* dated for 3 months and broke up in April because we were both to busy to have the time needed to build a relationship the whole time we were broken up we stayed in touch and every time I would think I was getting over him he would like a status or randomly text me or like a photo. Then in November we hung out he was feeling down and so was I well I went over to his house knowing that if anything if could be just a makeout and tats it and I was prepared for it, but what I wasn't prepared for was him to ask me to be his girlfriend or even worse my answer yes. I know he didn't have a phone for two weeks after because he broke it and then he texted me after once and since December I haven't heard one word from him, But then the other day he started following me on instagram and liking all my photos I just don't get it. If you don't want me that's okay i`m moving on but to not answer me and do this I`m confused and need some advice.


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  • I'm assuming he is confused as well, which may explain his difficulty to leave you alone during a time which he clearly seems unprepared emotionally to be in a relationship with you. The fact is, he is juggling your emotions, and as such, he should be avoided. I believe you should eliminate his option to date you. Then, as soon as humanely possible, apply the no contact rule until he is over his present issues.


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