I can't get over him! What do I do?

So there's things guy who's in 5 out of 7 of my classes. So I see him everyday. But now he's my ex Because we somewhat dated. He got over me for another girl, who is somewhat a close friend to me. Now everything is so awkward between me and him. It seems like he wants nothing to do with, like not even be friends. I told him and myself that everything was okay because he honestly didn't break my heart or anything. But really, I kinda cry inside when I see him Because I still got feelings for him and miss what we had.. How do I get past this and over him?! It's bugging me every time I see him! Please Help, am I just desperate & devastated for a new guy?!


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  • been in a similar situation where I had no choice but to see an ex almost every damn day. lol awkward. frustrating. heartbreaking. anger. regret. I felt all these emotions and more

    It takes time sweetie. Sometimes it does help to move on with another guy but sometimes it makes things twice as worst. I say give yourself some time. wait till your over him before you jump into yet another romance. tell yourself that you might cry a few times but you WILL get over him. don't look at him because that will bring up memories. don't blame yourself for anything ("what if I had done this or that would things be different between me and him?") just focus on loving you , live your life & enjoy your life. forget about this guy ( I know its not that easy) the right guy will come at the right time. enjoy the rest of your night :)


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