He cheated on her but she still loves him year later.

READ FIRST: My co-worker said her ex-bf cheated on her YEARS ago. She is married and when I told her, "I think you still love her." She said, "I think I still do." How can a person continue loving someone who betrayed them so badly..even when they're married. She hasn't spoken to him in yrs


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  • Well there are some types of love that is like that and no matter how abusive or saddening the relationship is/was the love towards that person still stays. It happens to some people it's just the way the emotional side of the brain works.

  • I don't think you can just switch feelings off. I love my partner, he has hurt me so bad, but when I nearly left I loved him too much to hurt him, so I swallow the pain every day because I love him regardless of what he's done to me


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