Why would an ex girlfriend agree to dinner and a movie?

Self explanatory question. I'm especially wondering because ever since we broke up three years ago, she's made it seem like she wants nothing to do with me. Now all of a sudden I don't see her for six months because we went off to different colleges, and she's back for break and we've already hung out twice.

I think she can guess that I have feelings for her, since I was the one that contacted her first in these six months, and if she doesn't have feelings for me, why would she agree to dinner and a movie? Seems to me that a girl would avoid that if she didn't care about her ex boyfriend, but he still cared about her.

Could it just be that she misses me and she wants to do something fun before she goes back to school? Or is it something more?
  • She likes you again
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  • She just misses you
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  • She wants to be friends
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  • Don't over think it dude, she probably just feels bad for you
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after we hung out the first time, SHE suggested hanging out more before she left. I would have been satisfied with just the one time


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  • Okay, glad you interjected with YOU being the one who contacted HER first in these six months. The way I see it, a lot of time has gone by,(in those THREE years) and obviously has moved on, and that would include her feelings. However, you say she can see YOU still have feelings for her, which most likely got "fluttery" when you both got together to hang out those few times. She may or may not have a few herself, but if she didn't "show" them and you didn't actually "feel them", then she most likely accepted the "hang out time" as just "two ships who AGAIN met in the night", and decided to "come on board" as-----friends. She may have missed you, sweetie, but not enough in the past to have CONTACTED YOU first. Like you said, she wanted nothing to do with you, but accepting your "proposal of pals" was probably just her way of letting "bygones be bygones", and starting out the new year fresh now.

    • when we hung out those few times, I think she was subtly flirting with me at times, although I won't say that for sure because it could easily just be wishful thinking. I will say for certain that it was the most comfortable that I've ever seen her around me since we broke up, and I strongly stand by that. whether that means anything is a different story

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    • Okay, so NOW you are stating here she wanted to "hang out more times"...She is either be "comfortable " with this friendship now, or may be somewhat "interested" in you again, may now look at you in another light. Hang out some more in the future and find out where things may lead.

    • the thing is, she's going back to school in a week, so I won't see her for several months again and I might let my chance to get back with her slip away if I don't make a move. yet I feel like its a little premature to make a move right now since we've only seen each other for a few weeks

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What Girls Said 11

  • One or some of the below:

    She's curious.

    She missed you.

    She broke up with someone / is interested in someone who is not interested in her and it is an ego boost to spend time with someone who is fond of her.

    She thought it was a date and wants to give your relationship a second go.

    She genuinely liked you as a person and thinks enough time has passed to be friends/friendly.

    It could be a lot of things. Hang out again and see.

    • i don't know if id be able to tell after just "hanging out again and seeing" :/

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    • Not sure what else I can suggest, but spending more time together, or straight up making it obvious how you feel. I don't know her at all and there are a lot of different thing that could explain it. You know her better, if you are curious, spending time together or being in communication more often will clarify things.

    • I agree with this comment the most. It's the most vague, but without knowing her, and being able to read her mind, we're left in a bind. If anything, YOU would know her more and be able to gauge it better. She does sound interested in one way or another, but it's hard to say.

  • There's no way to know for sure at this point. If you want her back and she agreed to meet, that's a start. Meet her and be kind with her, but don't rush it or make yourself come across as desperate. Let her see you're doing fine without pushing it, and depending on the mood of things you let her know how you feel :) You lose nothing by trying, so best of luck!

    • Obviously rushing it would come off as desperate and clingy, but she's leaving in a little over a week! The next time I'll see her is probably over the summer :( Rushing it is bad, but being too passive is also bad

  • I think she's doing it for old time's sake to sort of remember certain nice memories she had with you. Honestly I don't think she's seeing things in a romantic light the way you are because the reason why you're seeing this way is probably because you still like her. I think she just wants to be friends actually.

  • It's possible that she acted like she wanted nothing to do with you because she wanted to get over you. When my last relationship ended, I acted like I wanted nothing to do with him because I didn't want to go back to him. It was an on/off kind of thing. I went as far as unfriending and blocking him on Facebook and Skype. It was my way of trying to convince myself I was over him and it wasn't a reflection on him. Now that I've reconciled my feelings for him, I've been thinking about unblocking him.

    I think that she acted like she wanted nothing to do with you to get over you, but has either decided she's okay with having you in her life again or she wants you back. I can't imagine ever hanging out with an ex unless I missed him. I think if she wanted something fun before she went back to school, she'd be more upfront about it. My guess is she's hoping to get back together. If she wasn't very flirty, she might just want to take things slowly.

    • you sound a lot like how my ex acted when we first broke up :P she had me blocked for quite a while as well

  • 1) wants attention

    2) still has feelings

    3) bored

    4) wants to see how you are (plain noisy)

    5) wants to be friends

    6) misses you

    • lol those were all the options I already had in my head. just needed to narrow them down :P

    • What vibe did you get from her

    • i honestly don't know. much more comfortable than I've ever seen her around me since we started dating, but still a little reserved. hugs and smiles, but no kisses

  • She might have feelings for you or want to start over as friends. You won't know unless you hold hands and she's OK with that, meaning she wants to date you again. Or if she says I'm so happy we're friends again and places you in the friendzone, meaning you're her BFF for life, no sex involved. Or she might like to hang out with you so you can have sex again.

    I know if I was on college break and was bored back home and my ex hit me up, I'd hang out with him and secretly want him to pou...yeah...lol, I'd really want that. Then when I go back to school, I'll be refreshed because I got some with my ex.

  • fuck all that noise. a bitch just wants a free dinner. I mean hell, I do

    • i agree, a "bitch" would want a free dinner. my ex does not fall under that category

  • Free food, free entertainment and good company with a familiar face.

    • who says I'm paying for her? ;)

  • She missed you

  • I think she might be interested in you again.

  • Maybe she misses you


What Guys Said 6

  • Sounds like she wants to be friends again. Under normal (boring) circumstances, you usually move on after a while, and then maybe come back into contact with your ex. You don't talk for a while after you break up, because it's pretty much impossible to have a normal friendship. I'm guessing she wants to hang out more as friends.

  • I disagree with Paris13.

    If a girl doesn't contact you first it doesn't necessarily mean she isn't interested and that you shouldn't bother. Exes are even more difficult to decipher.

    Just think about it, you haven't been in contact with her for over 3 years. After 6 months you said you contacted her and presumably you asked her on this "meet up" then.

    It's a freaking date! and she knows it.

    Dinners and movies are probably 2 of the most romantic/intimate scenarios you can get and you two are going through both.

    She obviously still has feelings for you! All you need to do is woo her.

    Don't listen to anything other than this : SHE KNOWS YOU LIKE HER, IF SHE DIDN'T LIKE YOU BACK SHE WOULDN'T HAVE ACCEPTED THE MEET UP - mark my words.

    • its not that we have had no contact for 3 years...we went to the same high school so I pretty much saw her every day. we were "friends" and then "not friends" at least 4 different times throughout high school until we both grew up a little and had some away time for those six months.

      before we hung out the first time, she did say to not treat it as a date. but that time I just took her to the gym with me and then to my house later (with my family around)

    • obviously I'm not trying to argue with your point. in fact I very much hope that it is true! I just wanted to make sure that you knew the whole picture before you made a bold claim

    • Exactly if she wanted nothing to do with you , she would of ran , of course she's interested,

  • I met one of one of me exes last year, we went to eat something and then I knew:

    -she has cash problems

    -she sells Herbalife stuff

    End of story. I'll meet her again, maybe, maybe not but I'm not eager to do it.

  • She misses you buying her stuff. Probably still no feelings.

  • I can tell you now that there's a chance of reconciliation,but you must not over do it , I met an ex girlfriend , after 2 years apart , and got with her again , basically you start from scratch,again date again , if you say she flirted a little , that's great , you do the same ,

    Just don't iniatiate anything , there's a great e book , called 2nd chance , by mirabelle summers

    if your serious of reconciliation, it would be well worth your money as the info in that is priceless

    good luck man

    PS.play it cool , don't come over to strong , and with texts don't over do those to

    • If you do buy the book , at trust me if your serious of getting her back , as you must be as you have wrote this question,read it before you contact her again , and you will learn what to do , and what not to do ,has helped me a ton of times over the years

  • Rebound

    • How , totally disagree , rebound with an ex , don't make me laugh , there's far to much intemate history , for it to be a rebound , rebounds are with strangers

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