How come guys go into "disrespect" mode when they about to breakup with you?

my friend is about to get broken up with, everyone knows it except her. the mistake she made was move in with him. but she's not listening to anybody, so I'm just watching this as a learning experience. she always nagged the guy about putting photos up of them both up, like her photos on Facebook, instagram, and comment on them. normally he would just like them as she requested. now a year later, its like he's on "disrespect mode" she posted pictures on her instagram and she told him to like and comment on them. he wrote one of her pictures "them lips doe"...everybody knows he's still speaking with his ex girlfriend. he even defends his ex girlfriend against her. a year later he decide to fulfill her requests for adding pictures to his page of her, still everybody knows the truth. she's completely obsessed with this guy. she maybe have posted over 190 photos of him or them both, or she maybe wearing his clothes. she told me they moved from a house to a one bedroom apartment. he actually did this because she is about to leave. am I wrong for not talking to my best friend about this? he responding to her all of a sudden disrespectfully because he letting her get her way


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  • Your wording really tells a one-sided story.

    The Male's perspective: "Oh god, she is smothering me. It was all cool at first but now I just wish I was allowed my own space. It is as if we don't exist as individuals we are just the melded body made of the two of us with her in control of the mouth. At least my ex didn't act like this. She even tells me how to respond to things on my Facebook page. It is like she thinks I don't have my own opinions on things, I am just supposed to do and say what she thinks I should. I have my own identity but in a few years I am not sure I will anymore. What will happen in a few years? She is so clingy that I may cease to exist altogether. I wish I was single again. I got to push back against this. I have to get out while I can. She makes me so angry these days. I am wondering if my anger is turning into hate.


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  • 1. Immaturity

    2. The realization that its going to take forever for him to get another girl.


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