He recontacted me after 7 months and I did this, did I look stupid? please help.

well me and my boyfriend have been broken up for 7 months now , he was the one who broke up and then since that he has been regretting it every now and then which I know from his best friend,so he finally talked to me on what'sapp on new year's eve and from then he talked to me so nice and suddenly last night he called me out of nowhere , which made me feel so happy , I was nice too and didn't talk about any break up because I believe it is a bad thing on the first conversations , well I told him that I want him to come back and that I want to see him ( he has been travelling since the break up ) , he told me that he will do his best , I then told him that I will close cause I have to go out . next day I apologized on what'sapp for closing the call like that and he was like '' it is okay no problem '' ...which made me feel that he might felt that I am so stupid that I was so nice like that :s , or what :S what do you think ?


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  • Why would you feel that way? Honestly you have to stop projecting your feelings on him. I would say the same thing "It is okay, no problem" means "I am not upset that you had to close the call". It doesn't mean "god, this chick is an idiot for contacting me".

    • hhhahaha I didn't mean that part , I mean the part of ''try to come it would be nice '' that I am worried about , because he didn't reply yes , I want to see you to or anything like that , he just said '' I will try I miss everybody too '' and then that awkward '' it is okay '' , do you think I sounded stupid or just nice ? or I am overacting that whole thing , thanks for answeing

    • It doesn't sound like he's that enthusiastic to see you, but you'll only know when he comes back into town, I guess.

  • I think you're over-thinking...


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