Is there a difference between "I'm thinking of you" and "I miss you?" What would you rather hear?

Does "I miss you" imply more intense emotions than "I'm thinking of you?" What would a guy rather hear?

I met a guy a few months ago and we started to get to know each other long distance. Mostly through texts and phone calls. He is Military and knew he was being deployed. We still talked and he came to visit me a week before he had to leave the country. We spent 2 days and nights together and decided we wanted to see each other again when he came home. We talked on the phone the day before he was deployed and I've emailed him once since he's been over there. He got back to me, said he was doing good, really busy and that it's hard to get emails out because of the bad connection.

I still want him to know that I'm thinking of him though. I know I may not get a response, but I'm doing it more to brighten his day (assuming that hearing from me will do that :-) than to get something in return. I'm was wondering if using one phrase is better than the other? We haven't known each other for long, so I don't want to be intense, but I do want to let him know I miss him. I'm trying to put a smile on his face rather than make him feel guilty for not being able to respond, or think that I'm expecting anything.


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  • either would make me feel good. what would be going through my mind would be "wow, she is taking time just to let me know that I'm someone that is relevant to her."


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