Is my boyfriend on the PROWL for a new girlfriend?

My boyfriend broke up with me about 3 weeks ago because I had become extremely hormonal for an extended period of time (2 weeks straight) and it really took a toll on our relationship because... I became a lot to handle, my hormone inbalance brought on an feelings of increased jealously, anger, paranoia, depression. I was just being the devil really. I understand a man can only take so much. So I accepted the break up, I took it very well. I was sad, yet understanding of his decision. I know a man can only take so much Haha. I waited a week to collect my belonging and only took about 5 minutes to do so, smoked a cigarette with him, gave him a hug, and went on my merry way. Less than a week after getting my stuff, he text me and tells me he made a big mistake and he wants to be together again. I agree, afterall the break up WAS my fault so why would I object? So ANYWAYS, I felt a little insecure as to what he may have done during this short two week break... and I found that he had signed up for a dating site a day after our break up and he had also contacted his ex to get together... We've been back together a week now and he is still a member on both sites and I noticed he's been very weird with his phone. Never leaves his side, he takes it to go shower and he NEVER used to do that before. Why would he ask for me back if he was seeing someone else? I don't think he is SEEING someone else but I'm thinking MAYBE he's trying to meet someone else, or during our break he kinda started talking to someone and he's having a hard to cutting contact with them because he doesn't want to rule them out in case we break up again? Like he's maybe just holding on to me until he can find someone better? I need advice?! And does anyone think its wrong that he even signed up for those sites and contacted his ex just ONE day after our break up? Is that bad character?


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  • You got back together without solving anything in essence. Am I interpreting that correct? Sounds like a desperate situation without any pause for reflection. You still feel the same way as you did when the relationship split, you're simply suppressing it; exhibiting more control.

    The unhealthy bit is you're being motivated by fear and holstering your insecurities. You're allowing your imagination to play on your emotions by avoiding the situation. Sooner or later you're going to blow a cylinder like previously if you keep it up.


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  • There are many plot holes in your story. You should talk to him straight up about how you feel, in a calm demeanor and NO ONE should be yelling, not you or him.

    See if you can come to an understanding of each others feelings

  • Regarding signing up for these sites, he probably needed to check himself and his feelings.

    When things are too hard to cope with, not everybody is able to think straight, so talking to women potentially interested in dating could help him realize if he had to move on or not.

    It's more ambiguous that he's still on them.

    Regarding the phone, it's more worrying. He's probably in touch with his ex now. Or maybe asking for help regarding his doubts to girl friends.

    Anyway, you should bring this conversation up again, when not too hormonal. Basically just because if he decided to claim you back, he has to be sure of it.


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  • I think, that he doesn't think the relationship is stable, talk to him and tell him what your seen. Communicate with him ask questions..draw him out. Don't wait till its too late, when he's already emotionally attached to someone. Men be alone for long unfortunately. You had been hormonal so he mite have been already contemplating it anyway


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