How do I apologize to her the right way?

About 9 months ago I got involved with this girl, things started off great, but at the time my mother was dying and I was going through some major life issues. I was not dealing with them properly and was self medicated heavily and feeling sorry for myself. Needless to say I got wasted several times and made a complete ass out of myself. She cut ties with me following a few drunk dials and I tried a few times to get her to talk to me to no avail, only furthering my embarrassment.

The problem is we go to school together and see each other often. We do not make eye contact and pretend the other doesn't exist. A few months ago we saw each other and I was dressed quite nicely and she accepted my FB friend request I had sent a few weeks before that. Apologizing through Facebook is lame and I want to do it in person. even after friending me she does not look at me in the eye, to be honest I don't even try to make eye contact. My question is how to I approach her to apologize? Its been 9 months since I screwed things up and I am hoping its been enough time for the wound to heal. I really want to clear the air not only because it would help me get the load off my heart but also she works at the gym at my school and I have not used it since then because of the fact she works there and going to use the gym involves interacting with her and I am afraid she will treat me bad and act like I am going to bother her. I need to get back in the gym and get this off my chest... please help with some advice, I am going crazy over here.


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  • As crazy as it may sound, you could just come out and apologize right in front of here. Just apologize right in front of her and continue in the gym. I agree with dodgy, if you want to work out at the gym, don't let this situation stop you from working out. And if not that worst case scenario you either go to another gym or go there when she's not there?

  • First don't let the fact that she works at the gym not make you want to go there, GO and show her that you aren't too fussed about it.

    This girl I dated for a month did the same thing when she called it off, she ignores me completely, gets angry at me if I try to talk to her and doesn't make any eye contact whatsoever.

    Does she have any friends you can talk to to try and find out if you have a good chance of apologizing without getting hit by a pan?

    • I don't know any of her friends, And to go to the gym I have to actually talk to her to get in the gym... and I don't want her freaking out. She seems like the type that might make a scene. My tactic has been wait as long as possible but I can't put it off anymore

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