How to ger over an ex?

We dated freshman year and I can honestly say now she is and only my true love. I left her and dated my baby mama for 4 years after that. I regret leaving her and making her wait. I just didn't want to make distance hard on her. I know keeping us a secret from her parents was hard on her too. I decided I would win her back when I moved back to San Fran after high school to be with her more. To be there for her. She never had a boyfriend and we messed around meanwhile (I screwed up I realized that). Emily got a boyfriend in junior year they are still together (she is 23 turning 24 tomorrow yes I still remember.) My baby mama and I aren't together anymore. And I know leaving her for someone easy was bad. I love Emily. She made me laugh so hard I swear the wind was knocked out of me. She tried to make it to every football game and practice I had. She was curious and outgoing and whatever she set her mind to she was going to do it. She loved to dance and just let herself go. She would even make me want to dance and I don't never really did after her. She is that girl you can bring home to mom and can hang with the boys. I promised her many things... I really want her back or at least be friends she won't let me explain myself without her man being there. I've tried... I cannot seem to be happy anymore this oast year I keep thinking about her long brown hair and big pearly white smile. I'm done. How can I get over my first love?


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  • I realize you thought you were doing the right thing when yo you had dropped poor Emily and started rekindling the fires with your baby's mama, but because it didn't work out, of course Emily licked her wounds and moved on. You need to also, sweetie. You had your chance "moons ago," but it wasn't in the cards for you both to be together at that time, so she found another love, and you should too. There is someone out there who is just as perfect as Miss Emily, and who you will be just as proud to "bring home to mom" and "can hang with the boys"-------and be the best. From my experience, it takes a long time to get over first love. It took me years(I was 13 when I had fallen in love, 16 when we had split), and during all my dating years, I was constantly comparing every guy to Dan. Try not to do that when searching for the right one. As very hard as it is to forget the past, don't let every girl be a rebound. You will never be able to go on to the future.


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  • easy, find another love...You're just putting her up on a pedestal. There are most likely tons of girls like her out there, just waiting for you to make your move. You just don't know it because you're too fixated on this one chick.

  • So you left your first love for someone else, with whom you stayed for FOUR years after that.

    And now that that's over, you want your first love back?

    Why didn't you realize this sooner? Four years is a LONG time.

    Hopefully you have learnt that you should learn to cherish what you have. And that you should always treat someone like you yourself would like to be treated.

    That way going back would have been a lot easier.

    You should let her know how you feel really. Even if she wouldn't take you back, it would make her feel a lot better I think.

    And people talking about how easy it is to find another 'love', however right their intentions. It's not that easy at all. First REAL loves will stay in a persons heart for the rest of their life.

    So the answer is, you can't really get over her. You can only learn to live without her.


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