Would you continue to date a guy who's ex is still in the picture?

so my friend called me up for advice. she been living with this guy for a year now and is still repeatedly putting up with the ex calling and texting her boyfriend. the guy always say" I'm gonna press charges on her" he also told her he had a restraining order on the ex. turns out it was all a lie. every time the ex call the guy and my friend is around he make threats but never fall through. such as today he said" on the blood, on my momma if you don't stop calling my m*therfucking phone I'm gone come over there and kick your door down and choke the s*it out of you!" he even wrote the girl friends and made a drama outcry saying he want her to leave him alone. that was also filled with threats and lies. this ex has been in the picture for a year, he always make threats. he even said he blocked her, turns out he never even blocked her. he calls the ex out of her name and talk about her badly. the ex calls from different phone numbers for some reason and when she calls and my friend is around, the guy gives the phone to my friend to answer. its common sense what's going on here. the way she explained to me made it seem like the ex girlfriend know she is around, so she calls her boyfriend. but he also said he was gonna press charges against the ex, he never did that either. he also be answering the ex phone calls when she away, but in text messages they are arguing.
there was a point of time when he was answering the ex in front of her face including calling her back


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  • I wouldn't put up with it for long. Plus he lied about blocking her too from what you say so you can't even trust him. Plus it clearly sounds like the drama is being passed onto this friend of yours as well. The tricky part is she is living with the guy. I would honestly suggest she find a way to move out.


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