Should I keep pursing or move on?

There is this girl that I used to like and I know for a fact that she is shy, quiet, but really strong in her morals. She is a devout christian. (I know this is weird but I am an agnostic christian...but I don't think she knows that). SO we had a short conversation on relationships. She told me that "i do not want a boyfriend, that people who can have a boyfriend is people with careers." She also told me that she never had a boyfriend, but dated one guy. I kinda told her I don't want a girlfriend either;however, I kinda did like her. So Figured I would ask her out (Ohh an I told by phone), but she rejected me saying nicely saying" I really don't know what to say". Then after I told, we had a normal everday conversation -_-. (aha who does that other than me?!). Its been a day now, she still texts me but I don't really feel like responding...any ideas of how I should move foward?

Please note: I am not the type to neither hold grudges:nor, have the feeling that I am being an asshole...even if it means that I am going to be hurt in the end...

I said "used to like", because its my subtle way of moving onward...because that is the side that I am leaning towards..


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  • Respond by being casual, and don't act like this bothers you. She has made her point to you, so move on, lick your manly wounds, and return text friendly ones if or when she should send them. I am quite sure you are not the only person she knows to text, so don't worry about getting "godly amounts' of messages every day. I know there is someone out there just waiting to be your girl, and when you find her, one day it will surely be a "match made in heaven," sweetie.

  • how can you be an agnostic christian? You're either agnostic or not, don't add Christian to it unless you fully believe Jesus is the son of God. When you're Agnostic, you're just on the fence, you're not Christian...but you kinda want to be. Anyway, you told her you didn't want a girlfriend but you lied. She probably doesn't want a boyfriend because she doesn't want to have to deal with people trying to take her virginity/celibacy? and doesn't want to feel pressured to have sex. If she's the devout type, she wants to date and then get married. There's no such thing as a boyfriend. It's either you court her and get married not settle into a boyfriend relationship. The relationship you'd settle into would be the marriage. I'm not a devout Christian but I'm assuming that's where she's coming from. Plus there's temptation when you're boyfriend and girlfriend and she doesn't want to do that because that'll lead to sex. But how you should move on is to stop texting her. Go do all the things that occupied your mind before she started popping up in your dreams. Go play video games, hang out with friends, do random contests, do something fun to stop thinking about her. I bet if you stop texting her, she'll be like we should date or I miss you come back.

    • Well...that is a should really research the idea of an agnostic theist...what I mean when I am an agnostic that I believe that there is a God , but their is no way for me to really prove it...but yet I still really need to research...its hard to understand, but keep an open mind...I moved on an I am willing to be friends, I did stop texting...aha but ended having lunch with her next week...but I will head your advice and move one ..thk

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    • Actually more than that, I want to help improve throughout college...and her her find what she wants and get to that goal...(she did not do so good first semester)...we scheduled same classes even before I told her, but I don't feel like changing (One week left and its a GE) love is such a strong word...aha I like her, but that's it...but I completely agree with you...i mightbe lying to myself...but I want to do the good and right thing...that is standard that I set for my life.

    • She is a Christian, I know because we had several talks on philosophy and life,bbut not much on relationships. I will take your advice on that also. I might try to understand, her beliefs a little bit better. I really do have an open mind, so I always enjoy hearing views from anybody; whether, it be a Muslim, hindu, judisum etc. Hoenstly, you have been really helpful. I really appreciate the feedback, I just feel like I am giving up so easily. Aha

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