Should I leave this relationship or stay in it? I'm confused

ok yes it is me again but I need confidence. I been living with this guy for a year now and is still repeatedly putting up with the ex calling and texting her boyfriend. the guy always say" I'm gonna press charges on her" he also told me he had a restraining order on the ex. turns out it was all a lie. every time the ex call thim and I am around he make threats but never fall through. such as today he said" on the blood, on my momma if you don't stop calling my m*therfucking phone I'm gone come over there and kick your door down and choke the s*it out of you!" he even wrote the girl friends and made a drama outcry saying he want her to leave him alone. that was also filled with threats and lies. this ex has been in the picture for the whole time we was together, he always make threats. he even said he blocked her, turns out he never even blocked her. he calls the ex out of her name and talk about her badly. the ex calls from different phone numbers for some reason and when she calls and I am around, the guy gives the phone to me to answer. it seem like the ex girlfriend know I am around, so she calls him. but he also said he was gonna press charges against the ex, he never did that either. he also be answering the ex phone calls when I am away, but in text messages him and the ex are arguing. Now the ex texted my phone telling me things about my family, what I be doing and who my parents are and more stuff. She told me every single thing that could’ve came from him and nobody else. I been dealing with this ex the entire time we been dating.


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  • Your post is the answer to your question. If you were really happy in this relationship, you wouldn't even be asking such a question. As the old saying goes, "If there is any doubt, there is no doubt."


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  • It sounds to me like he has way too much emotional baggage with this ex of his and they are obviously not over each other, otherwise they would stop talking. If he was going to press charges on her he would've done it by now because she won't quit calling and texting him and he responds and basically feeds into it every time. If I were you I would just call it quits with this guy and move on to someone who actually is over his ex and who doesn't remain in frequent contact with her.

    I have experienced a similar situation recently as the guy I was dating told me his ex constantly bugged him on Facebook asking him for money and he told her to go fuck herself, yet he still talks to her and after one of them unfriended the other, they became friends on Facebook again, so I have called it quits because he's been ignoring me for weeks and I know it is because he is not over the ex. So if I were you to spare yourself some more emotional pain, I would just break it off now and move on as hard as it may be.

    Good luck.


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