Girls, have you ever been almost 100% sure that a guy was genuine and then he turned out to be an asshole?

Just wondering since recently I found out my boyfriend who was apparently fascinated with me and wanted a long term committed relationship to me left me for his ex. I'm shocked because I really thought he meant everything he said but now I'm thinking that he may have used me for sex. Has this happened to anyone else on here? What was the experience?


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  • The problem with people these days is that they base too much of their judgment on words, not action. Anyone can talk smooth and make promises, not everyone can make the hard sacrifices for a friend or someone they love when the chips are down. That's how you determine who you let into your heart girlie.

    • I definitely found that out. He always said he would do things and never did. I thought he was just stressed out from his job and family issues, but in reality he was just playing me and saying things that every girl wants to hear to make her become attached. Next time I'm going to be a lot more careful and make the guy actually prove himself instead of talk bullshit.

  • Kambo is right anyone can smooth talk a women it's the actions and hard sacrifices your willing to make and do make that should determine wether or not you let someone into your heart. Or someone let's you into their heart. So many times do Honest, good, nice guys and gentlemen get beat out by a nice smile handsome face and smooth words. And then when the girls get hurt and they Blame it on men as a whole instead of those people responsible.


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