My buddy ex girlfriend has a new boyfriend?

So my good buddy had some problems with his girlfriend. She had a melt down and went ballistic on him for no reason and he wanted to give her some space so he left her alone for about two weeks. She got so angry at him that she broke it all of without even speaking to him again and ignoring every event he made to talk to her. So he left her alone again. Anyway about three weeks ago he decided that he can't go on like this and wanted to talk to her and get her back. But without success she wouldn't even talk to him anymore without being angry at him.

Anyway today I talked to a mutual friend and he told me that my friend should come to turns that he had lost her for good because she's got a now boyfriend and she's not coming back.

Should I tell him or should I let her tell him. I know he's gonna be devastated over this because he was just talking about how much he missed hanging out with her.

What should I do?
I told him. He's fine with it and says that she'll tell him when she's ready.
It was a lie. She deliberately spread a lie in hope that my friend would find out about it. The funny thing is she still keeps pushing him away.


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  • You should let him know for sure cause eventually he will find out

  • Why does it matter? She didn't cheat


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  • Tell him so that he can get on with his life.


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