Girl running after divorced man? 10 points?

I know a girl. She has met WWE superstar Randy Orton 4-5 times.

And Randy Orton has been nice to all his fans just like he used to be.

But this girl keeps saying on twitter and instagram how he cares for her. How he's all smiles and excited to see her.

She even told publicly on twitter that once he got angry and yelled at workers who were moving on her.

All the time she keeps talking about how nice Randy Orton is to her and how he cares for her. She will tell all this to all his fans who come asking her about him.

She even says she considers him her friend and they have mutual respect for each other. He respects her because she's open and genuine.

She even calls him Randster

And if he wants to date her, she will but says she don't know him well. She does not answer about his daughter or ex wife

She says she has 'real care' for him. And does not want fame etc.

Is this girl mad? Or just a plain attention seeking girl who desperately wants to date a wrestler?


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  • sounds like an unhealthy case of infatuation


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