How can I want her back?

We was together for 7 months and she caught me on mocospace 4 times and she asked me if I had one and I have told her no so she caught me lying all four times so she told me that she can trust me no more how can I get her back


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  • You have to prove to her that you are trustworthy, first of all, because you lied to her several times even though she gave you opportunities to tell the truth. If you really want her back, you should respect her, for heavens sake. Obviously before you didn't have much respect for her if you had no issue lying to her about having a mocospace account, especially if you were using it to hit on girls. Keep in mind that she has absolutely no obligation or reason to take you back because you were lying to her, and that you can try to prove your trustworthiness but that she might not want you anymore. Once you can say truly to her that you're going to be honest with her, then begin the process of telling her you want to be with her again.


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