Do I act as if I think different of him now?

I have already decided that I will tell my ex's new girlfriend that he's a cheater. My ex keeps on coming by my house to hang out with my brother. I know it sucks my brother is still friends with him but can't pick my brother's friends. My brother knows what went down with my ex after 4 years of dating. Anyways I don't talk to my ex anymore when he's around I just act as if he's not even there. He tries to talk to me and leave him looking like an idiot talking to himself. He wants me to forgive him for doing me wrong and act as if it never happened. He brought his girlfriend about 2 weeks ago to my brother's birthday party. The only reason why he ever brought her around was because he knew I wouldn't say anything in a birthday and there were many people around. Other times my brother has told him to bring his girlfriend around but he makes exuses because he's scared. I only talked to the girlfriend and she seemed pretty sweet and naïve. Another reason why I think my ex keeps trying to talk to me is because if he ever brings his girlfriend around again he doesn't want me to say anything. So he's trying to talk to me to make sure if I've gotten over thinking he's a lying scumbag. It's as he's testing me to see when he can bring his girlfriend around my house and they can hang out with my brother. I have no problem with the girlfriend but I will be letting her know the type of person he is regardless of what is the outcome. I have decided to maybe start talking to him and start making him think I'm over it so he can finally bring her around. If you notice someone is still upset you would make sure to keep them from meeting again because than you know your cover up is over.


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  • Don't you have anything better to do with your time, other than start drama? If he's an ass she'll find out soon enough. She's not going to listen to anything his ex says.


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