Ever felt paranoid about someone cheating on you?

Have you ever felt paranoid about your girlfriend/boyfriend cheating on you? Was it due to past relationships? Just because? Explain

For me it was my past relationship because most of them cheated on me. But now I trust her that she won't cheat or do anything of that matter.

How bout you?


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  • yes, but you have to remember not to treat them as you would your exes. it isn't fair to them. try not to be so paranoid. if it happens, it happens that just means they aren't right for you and if it doesn't that's great, but don't stress about it. be happy yo!


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  • yes even though I trust my boyfriend I still get that feeling like what if I had no idea and he's just a great liar

  • Yes, and he was each time. Trust your instincts.


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