Will I get my "ex-girlfriend's" exboyfriend's ex back?

I was with this girls about 2 month ago for 2 months. It was not a long time but very intense, we lived and did everything together from the second week on.

She was in a long distance relationship with some guy who has moved here well about 2 months ago. We "broke up" and did not have any contact for a month.

Now we started texting again, last week she visited me. I know that their relationship is about to end, he will leave the country in 3 weeks. She was very upset and I consoled her, afterward we cuddled and kissed. What hurt me though was that I had the impression that her main concern was to get away from him rather than seeing me.

I know that I want her back, she is the most annoying and most loveable person I know. We are a good team and have synchronised magic moments together.

My main concern however is that I am not sure if she is ready for a relationship right now. If I get back together with her I'm afraid that this is doomed right from the start. I'm not even 100 percent sure if she wants to be with me?

What do you think? Is there a chance that this can work out? What are the dangers, how should I *not* behave?


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  • sometimes there is hope to being in the friends zone... for now be a friend.. this time you should prob do very slow baby steps... if you go to fast in this case it'll be a cruch for her and that isn't good for you


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  • Take it slow, and although you were once a big part of her life, you probably will be what they call now a "rebound." She is most vulnerable right now, not ready to get back into a relationship, I am sure. Even if she and you would recapture those "synchronized magic moments" , you could never tell if she would pull it over all over again. And yes, definitely, sweetie, you would be "treading dangerous waters" if you went back in. You should 'not behave" like a "fool in love."

  • Dude, you're dating a girl that is in a relationship with another man? First off, wtf is wrong with her? Second off, wtf is wrong with YOU? Don't you have any appreciation for people's morals? She obviously doesn't have very good ones. This is just stupid.

    • Why? These things happen. Have you ever loved somebody? I mean truly, not just because you find someone attractive and fall in love. Imagine you really see someone's soul when you look into his/her eyes, imagine that the two of you feel at home for the first time in your lives when you are with each other. You make each other feel so good. Would you care about moral look around you and care what others think? Would you trust your heart? Would you want the best for the other person, your love?

    • I am in love with my fiance', and I've loved two men before him. Yes, I know what love is. I also know what being faithful is. If you're a decent faithful partner, you NEVER allow yourself to even get close enough to another person to fall in love with them.

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  • wait so she started dating this guy after being with you?

    • no she was with him in a long distance relationship for nearly a year. Then she met me and we were together but she never left him. Then he moved to the same country as we are in (2 months ago) from that time on they were back together.

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