Girl says she still wants to see you but you never see her. Reason?

I was dating a girl for a month where we clicked on all cylinders. One day she sends me a long text explaining her being distant: she had gotten out of serious, 3 year relationship, where she had to move back home. We blames herself for moving fast with me because she wanted to get over him. However, she says she is still heartbroken and whatnot. And that she really likes me alot.

I took it as a "breakup text" and I told her I understood her situation and basically got ready to move on. But she replied back saying she doesn't want to stop seeing me. OK, cool, I guess we take baby steps.

Since then, nothing. She never followed through with one-time plans she made with me. After wishing each other Merry Christmas, I had asked her to hang out. I never got a reply back.

My friend who works with her and linked us asked her about it because she had told him she did reply to me about being away on vacation. She backtracked and simply said that she didn't need to reply to me if she didn't want to.

At this point, I'm in the processing of moving on and I won't be texting/calling her again. It sucks because things were great. I just found the situation interesting and strange and hope some people here could chime in.



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  • It happens. She was probably not ready to commit

  • try again, here's why , she told you what's going with her, and she's kinda giving you the choice of staying with her or not, so if you're still interested you might wanna take another step, because she's not very ready but she likes you and she's willing to try, do you see my point? goodluck

    • Thanks for your answer. I had made some steps before with no results. And I haven't gotten the impression she tried herself (at least in the sense of reacting to my reaching out). There's only so much I can do without pressuring or pushing her away. Thanks.

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