Guy I was into ignores me and I see on Facebook he's back together with his ex? Turning good guys into bad guys.

I fell for a guy, we had our ups and downs but last time we met up he gave me a rose with a sweet text saying he'll keep going for me. He ignored me a few days and yesterday I saw he was back together with his ex? I deleted him from my Facebook and phone, hope this wasn't childish, I just don't fancy being pushed on the fact that he's back together with her when he was so sweet to me before... :(

So lame and cowardly he didn't tell me he: a) wasn't into me like that, and b) was together with his ex again, but no, he chose to ignore me. I really thought he was a good guy, seems like I turn the good guys into assholes :(


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  • Aw seriously, I don't know why people always brandish an action like deleting someone from Facebook as childish. You had every right to delete him, I mean he led you on, made you believe he liked you and then didn't even have the decency to tell you he was back together with his ex and let you find out through Facebook. He clearly had not thought for your feelings whatsoever. In the real world, you wouldn't choose to ever see him again, and the same should be for Facebook, why would you want to be associated with someone who made you feel like crap. I did the same to my ex, best thing I ever did.


    I sense a slightly self-blaming attitude in your question. Do not beat yourself up over this, you are blaming yourself for turning someone from a good guy into an asshole. Honey this guy was probably an asshole from the word go.

    You're young, do not waste your precious time over this idiot and let his ex have him. Thank your lucky stars you didn't get further involved, otherwise he would have hurt you a lot more. You are better than that.

    Find a nice, genuine man.

    • Thanks for your kind words and advice! You're right, I wouldn't want to see him again in person so I'm not bothered with facing his Facebookstories either. I do feel I'm kinda responsible for that, it's not the first time a guy I thought was genuinly nice and good turned into a lying asshole, so I kinda assume it has to do with me. But yeah, better now than over a year, I deserve better, someone who actually can make me laugh and knows how to have a good time :) thanks!

    • Hey I think most girls probably think the same as you. "Why was he so nice to me in the beginning and such an asshole at the end?" Because they show their true nature. Yes you can blame yourself, but these men/boys have minds of their own and they have to accept the consequences of their actions, not you. Wish you the best of luck with everything. Remember what's done is done, look at the bright future ahead of you and thank you for the best answer :)

    • Thanks, again. He texted me earlier this week and some things became clearer now, he's not one to fight for a girl he really likes, and I deserve better than that :)

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