Don't quite understand this?

I've been told that in order to get myself a girlfriend I need to ask a ton of girls out, apparently it's a numbers game and it's very normal to get rejected a ton of times.

Despite this, why do girls think that their boyfriends see them as something special or do they think they'd never seen anyone like them before. When in reality it is more likely that she looked fairly attractive and she happened to like him back so they got together.

Is there any truth in what I am saying or have I completely missed the mark?


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  • No, I hear ya. To answer the question "why do girls think that their boyfriends see them as something special" Here's the many answers:

    1) Because they are special (but that's not it really)

    2) Because they are stupid (sorry)

    3) Because they are crazy (double sorry)

    4) Because they are females/women/girls and they want to believe and so sometimes for a little while they will let themselves believe a lie

    So, look at it differently. Not a numbers game, please, but a selection process. You are looking for a girl that would suit you that you like, in order to find said girl, you have to do one thing, get ready ----T A L K---! Talk to them, get to know them, smile, be friendly, online, in person, at the store, where ever you go, talk to them! Staring is so over-rated! So no, you don't have to ask out a bunch of girls, but you do have to talk to them. Go get 'em!


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  • She's not that special when you ask her out.

    You become special to each other as you build a relationship together.

    • That makes sense and thanks for not calling me a scumbag.

  • You seem like a total scumbag who sees girls as things or animals for matting, who knows what other crap. Where are you grown?

    • I am not a total scumbag. From this website and others I'd been given the impression that asking out many girls was preferable to asking out only a few (what I have done) which makes it seem like girls aren't really that special to most guys. I was surprised that dating worked like that as I thought guys didn't ask out many girls .

      So no, I am not a scumbag and I don't see girls as things for only mating.

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