Is this friendship worth salvaging?

Used to date this girl and it didn't work out. After a while we become friends again but it was awkward. Now the friendship has gone so far south that I've lost nearly all respect for her and have stopped taking her calls/texts. I think its easier just to move on and cut ties rather than put in the effort to salvage it. Id rather not start off 2014 with a headache. Granted I didn't give a whole lot of detail, what are your thoughts about the general circumstance. Would you fault me for wanting to just move on? I should also mention that she's still deeply in love with me and knows that's I don't feel the same way.


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  • Quite often when someone is deeply in love with you they can not think straight and may make bad decisions so those decisions made by her to make you think less of her were made when she was far from an ideal state of mind I assume. Id say give the girl a chance. Although it might help her move on if you were to move on. She is your friend so try to do what is best for her too!

    • Its definitely something I've considered. I maintained silence for 5 months after I broke up with her to help her get over me but that didn't seem to work. She also doesn't have too many real friends which I suspect is a strong reason for why she's clinging to me and every word I say

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