Should she be texting her Ex girlfriend?

Should my girlfriend of a year now be able to text her Ex girlfriend who she was in a relationship with for 5 years outa highschool? they recently got back in touch since now the girl has moved back home and is no longer in a relatship with some other girl. I just don't understand why they need to text each other when she has me now and I don't understand why they would need to text each other. Is that fair for our relationnship? I trust her that she's not going anywhere or going to do anything with this girl because one she's with me, A GUY now. I just not sure why they would need to text each other?


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  • I don't see a problem, since she gives you no reason to not trust her. I am not really an expert on gay/bi situation, but I'd say she was once close to this girl and they were not just partners, but also best friends. So I wouldn't worry about it. They probably just want to stay in touch as friends.:)


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