Shocked! He just found his ex had been cheating him for 8 mths, how could share this pain with him?

He is my good friend, a very nice and hard-working guy.

He had a 4-yr relationship with a girl and in the 4st year the girl went back to her country.Although she returned for 3 months but then left for home again in April. One month later, she mentioned to break up with my friend saying she won't be back.

After that, my friend was once in great depression and has been suffering from pains all the time because he truly loved her, planned to marry her and just could not forget her.

It has been almost more than half a year since their separating and finally, my friend has been recovered gradually as time went by.

However, suddenly! Yesterday he told me he came to know some truth: His ex actually already started a relationship with another guy when she was in her country 8 months ago before their breaking up. It means she had two relationships during that 8 months. Even if she returned for 3 months, she never told my friend the truth and acted as if nothing happened... What's even more bitchyyyy... knowing they will break up finally, she made my friend spend more than $100000 over the 8 months ...

I can't even accept this fact,it's just so cruel,How could she does this to him? .. also, I'm very worried about my friend...

But what could I do to help him walk out of this everything?I don't want him to carry this shadow all his life and I want comfort him without hurting his ego.

Guys, if you were him, what would you do? How would you feel? How can you recover from this thing?

He is around 30 years old
i typed wrong..The money was not $100 was $10 K...but still quite a lot.


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  • This is a really poor guy, I'm very sorry for him.

    Well there is nothing he can really do, besides accepting the evidence : that he's been manipulated, abused, and that he has to get himself back together.

    And to swear, maybe, that he'll never spend so much money on a woman ever again.

    • Oh also, you don't need to share the pain with him. You have to give him good vibes. So he can get out of this misery as fast as possible :)

    • Thank you :) I feel really sorry for him too...and yeah, I am trying my best to cheer him up...

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  • whoaaa.. 100k? dang.. ugh what a bitch! Tbh that's gotta be difficult to get back from.. I don't know about your friend but usually when I want to forget a girl, I simply tried to move on to the next one. You know, just try to meet other girls and go out on dates.

    Your friend's situation is a lot worse though especially if he really loves her. Curiously the same thing just happened to one of my female friends, her 5 year boyfriend dumped her and she found out he had been cheating behind her back.

    To be honest there's really not much we can do other than be there for them. Obviously the scar's not gonna heal any time soon but just like any break up I believe time will heal it. I tried to make my friend believe that she can still attain happiness and that there will be someone out there who can love her and heal her wounds. I also assured her that I'll always be there for her if she needs a shoulder to cry on. I believe the most important thing is to make them realize that there are people who still love and care about them, that they'd never be alone. If that bitch can't appreciate your friend's love then she doesn't deserve to be happy.. one day a very lucky girl will come and very happy because of your friend.

    There are many wonderful and precious things in our life. Even if your friend feels like his life isn't worth living, he'll always be able to find other things that will keep him going. That's how people survive, that's how we can always bounce back and move on with their life. I hope your friend can realize this.

    • Thank you for your answer...I typed wrong...the money was not 100K.. It was 10K accounted within the 8 months,

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