Why would a guy want you all to himself but not actually be in a relationship you?

Soo...I know there are a lot of possible answers depending on the guy..

-maybe he's a commitment-phob

-maybe he feels insecure about the girl he's with

-maybe he's just too scared to say he wants more

-maybe he does want to be with the girl in a committed relationship ONE DAY but just wants to play around until then...etc.

...and probably a lot more.

What I'm trying to understand more is like what it means in terms of how he feels about the girl he's technically only friends with benefits with, but at the same time treats as a girlfriend proper in the sense that when they're out places he makes it obvious he is "with her" and in other ways as well clearly doesn't want her to be with anyone else.

My situation is with a guy I used to date for a while. then we broke up, got back together, broke up again, then continued to hook up with each other on and off for 4 years, and then this last year that pattern sort of changes and we have been consistently seeing each other (usually at least one day in the week and then also on the weekends). Its just kind of confusing because I can only technically say we are only fwb...BUT when we go out we're "together" (an item or whathaveyou), its assumed we will hang out on Friday/Saturday nights, I get the little texts when he's having a bad day at work or doesn't feel well, etc

I just want to figure out if him kind of acting like we are in a relationship even though we clearly not is because he's reconsidering it again or if I'm just wasting my time thinking we could ever go back to that.


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  • I'm going to guess he is either controlling or he is insecure and doesn't want to see you with someone else.


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