Why do some women treat a decent guy horrible?

Currently I've been dating a great girlfriend for nearly one year now but it took me a while for me to get over the horrible things an ex girlfriend did to me. I don't get why certain treat decent and old fashioned men poorly, the one that would never cheat nor hit her.

Things my ex girlfriend (then gf) did at the time and I regret staying 3 yrs:

Followed me during argument every time I was trying to leave and get in face.

Try to fight me a couple times while all I did was hold her wrists if she tried to scratched me or covered myself with my arms blocking her hits but never hit her (she actually did punched me on different occasions while I was sleeping)

What made me break up is when I found out she not only cheated but stole money from me.

Then she had the nerve to tell people that I was the abuser and reported me. Luckily, it didn't work out and they caught her quickly with the lie.

Now I learned from my friend that she is pregnant again with a different guy who has been cheating on her all the time, the first guy bailed on her. But she isn't one bit sorry about the way she treated me.
I know now all women are like that but it makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with those types. Why won't they like a decent man that wouldn't cheat nor ever hurt her.


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  • Same reason some guys treat good women horrible.

    People, of both genders, are assholes sometimes.

    You said your a good man not like the ones that cheat or hit women.. that right there is a statement that shows it's not just women. You think those women deserved to be treated like shit, no. I've been in your situation, it sucks.

    Some people just suck, man. Some people are shitty.

    Just hold your head high and move on, it's all you can do.

    • Thank you and yes I've recovered from all that. The girl I'm now with is sweet and definitely not like like my ex girlfriend (more pretty too). I guess I was just shocked to once be stuck with a cold, nasty, abusive women. I got told by a friend that it was still abuse but I just didn't think it was at the time. I thought it was just a woman's mood swings.

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    • Yeah some people are born and see the "greater picture" (i.e Us), others are born close-minded and full of themselves.

    • I don't understand that statement below..?

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  • Why do some men treat great women like crap? Answer- some people are just rude and disrespectful. Whether they have some sort of entitlement mentality, never learned proper manners, or are going through something- there are always going to be people out there who treat others like crap. Best lesson learned from being involved with someone like that- pay attention to early warning signs and never put up with anyone treating you with less respect than you deserve.

  • Because some people are just horrible. It doesn't have anything to do with her being a woman. Some people, both men and women, are absolutely vicious, abusive and cruel. They treat others badly for their own entertainment, or because it makes them feel better/bigger/stronger/cooler/more powerful.

  • As others said, some people of both genders (not just men) are abusive and selfish. That girl obviously never deserved you and kudos for maintaining your morals and not hitting back. You're a good man that many women admired. Just remember that those type of women only make up the minority of the whole female population. Those are sick and disturbed individuals.

    Now that you're already in a relationship with a good girl, continue focusing on that and not anymore on your evil ex girlfriend. Falsely accusing a man of physical abuse has got to be one of the evil things there is and for that matter as well as wasting the cops and everyone's time, I would give them the same jail time as abusers get. Don't let that one girl ruin you. She's messed up and an idiot.

  • They are ungrateful and don't realize what they have until it is gone.

  • Probably for the same reason some guys treat decent women horrible.


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  • Deep personality disorders. Delirium, hallucinations, depersonalization, attraction to danger, lack/absence of moral values, and so on and so forth, on various levels.

    It's not because of you, that she acted how she did. She would have done it with anybody.

    It's hard to be angry at them, though, as they just live in a different world, and there's nothing that can be done to help them, or even to make them realize what they do.

    So, glad you've gotten over all this. Just think of it as an accident. You were the wrong person at the wrong time, and you got hit.

    • When it was just the hitting (before the cheating and stolen money), I really thought it was just a phase she was undergoing and that she'll eventually get it out of her system. It shocked me when she would suddenly turned into a monster because that's not the women I met. She had those periods of going from nasty to nice again and so on.

    • I know, I know it too well. Well that was another unnecessary painful teaching offered by life, glad you're OK now :)

  • Bitches be cray.

    I know what you mean. Exes are just there to suck the goodness out of you.

    • And in the end, I stayed with my morals I was taught at an early age. I realized it was her the problem, not me. My girlfriend was is disgusted with women that are like that and in her own words she said ''Wouldn't have blame you if you had lost it one day and hit her back'' but still I'm not that type and seeing that she was crazy enough to report me without hitting her, she would have been crazy enough to land me in jail had I retaliated or do something else. She was the vindictive type.

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    • Abuse of power, that's what it is. Certain women have it embedded in their mind that since she's female she can get away with it, when, like you said, us men have to take the full blows.

      When a man hits a woman, whether in self-defence or unlawfully, he gets frowned upon and labelled an abuser, wife-beater, monster, etc ...

      When a woman hits a man for the same reasons she's seen as righteous, independent, etc ...

      It's Feminism that's brought this along.

    • Thumbed down because I speak the truth?

      I'm not saying all women are crazy, I'm being more specific with exes - which is what OP is talking about. Damn this site and some of its users.

  • Because Women like to see how much they can get away with. They like to see what pisses you off and to have control. It's an endless game, you just have to balance being a dick/decent guy, choose your battles.

  • I dated a similar type. Cheated on me, may have stolen money but I am not 100% sure, and slapped me in the face... right in public too. She had no father and apparently kept going to court with her mother and this is a girl in high school. Always made herself out to be the victim. To this day she also denies cheating on me. She also kept cutting herself all the time, did drugs, and got drunk.

    Your ex is attracted to this stuff. She looks for it. So being with a guy who treats her right turns her off. Unfortunately so many girls are into this kinda stuff. Some girls get trapped with those jerk guys because so much gets invested early on and they don't want to lose it. Other girls have this like... subconscious need for the drama and it's really odd. If the girl has a history of dating abusers, there's a chance she'll not be interested in you if she's one of those types who looks for the drama. It's just something to keep in mind.

  • No-one ever accused women of being smart.In most cases,they're their own worst enemy.

  • A lot of these women have deep 'issues' that can't be skirted over with superficial or populist soundbites. They may have had unfortunate circumstances growing up for example. They are suffering and insecure in their own way, and put up a tough front, for happy people wouldn't act like that.

    No one was forcing you to remain with her. The signs were no doubt there before you ended up getting entrenched in a relationship, but you choose to ignore them. So from the sounds of it, this relationship taught you something of value, now that you presumably won't make the same mistake.

  • Parasites don't care for the well-being of its host.

    It only cares for an opportunity for resources.

  • you oughta bitch slapped her...just kidding*


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