It is a wonderful feeling is it not?

Any one else feel so euphoric and wonderful after getting over some one who with it just did not work out with?

Did it happen gradually or instantly when something just occurred?


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  • This last guy, I had been with off and on for a year. I had a lot of issues with him because he was in this pattern of many different things that didn't call for a commitment. So, when he finally "broke the straw to the camel's back", let's say, I sent him a text message, that I think, when receiving it, probably "floored him." I never heard back. Okay, I admit that over that year, I had been disheartened many times over some "departures" we had encountered, but NOW, knowing he wil probably never change, I have learned to move on...and of course, I am married, so that "was ages ago.." or so it seems. As the old saying goes" "When one door closes, another door will surely open." Telling yourself it is easier to just live and learn and to forget, because after you tell them or they tell you"Not to let the door hit you in the ass on the way out," it does become easier sometimes just to move on.

  • yeah its euphoric and weight lifting...

    I just ended a year long relationship and now I feel like I can find someone I'm not trying to read every time we hang just didn't work out too much flip flopping..

    6 billion really not everyone is compatible.

    • it happened gradually by the way...

      the minute your excuses you make up in your head for them just get too much then its all down hill.

      time to end it

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    • Agreed! :)

      thanks btw

    • Yes, Answerer, always the "red flag signs.."

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