How do I handle my parents getting divorced?

my mom is finally going to leave my dad. he hasn't been treating her right for a long time and she has just had enough. she wants to be happy and she deserves her happiness back. I hate seeing her come home to a house and force herself to be strong for my brother and I because we both know what is going on and at this point I just want them to get divorced so my mom will be happy again. she doesn't deserve the things my dad has put her through. it's hard for me to deal with though because I work for my dad and I am extremely mad at him for how he handles situations and how he doesn't pay attention to my mom and is so emotionally distant, but at the same time he is my dad and there is a part of me that feels bad for him and it makes me sad. I want both of them to be happy but I know my mom DESERVES happiness after all the shit my dad as put her through for the past 8 years. he has messed up and never owned up to anything and also believes he never did anything wrong, when the whole entire town knows that he did. I don't know what to think I am confused how do I deal with my parents going through a divorce? everything about my life is going to change. its scary.


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  • I don't know exactly what has happened between them, and neither do you. Like always, there's his story, her story, and somewhere in the middle, there's the truth. Unless one of them is hitting the other or threatening to do so, there's not a lot of call for you to take sides. You have a lot of hard days ahead, getting your mind around everything, so don't worry too much about your folks. They're going to be worrying about you if they're decent people.

    Check out the stages of grief. You're losing a big part of the world you grew up in, and that's gonna hurt a lot. You need to deal with that hurt. That's your main job in this, aside from being there for your family.

    • I know exactly what has been going on. my mom and I have been going through phone records. he's been communicating with another woman for a year and lying about it. but phone records don't lie. he did this a few years ago too and my whole high school years were ruined because of it.

    • That sucks.

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  • the most important thing here is that you are there for your mom. Things will change for the best so be happy for them both as well as for yourself..u can have peace in your home now..Continue working for your dad and once it all blows over you can go back to normalcy, Don't worry about your dads attitude, he will have to come to terms with his behavior at some point when he is all alone and thinking about it.Divorces are never fun but its far more worse to stay in misery everyday in a broken marriage.

  • It will get better, it just takes time. My parents divorced when I was 2 and I still remember it. It was rocky for a couple of year mostly only after my dad met someone else and a custody battle started. But before that it was good I saw both of them still, but there was no more arguing. After the custody battle ended things were good again. Since that is out of the picture for you I am thinking I hope it goes smoothly. Sometimes just having someone to talk to helps. You will have to grieve. Just let yourself feel what you need, take time and it will be OK. Hanging on to emotions will just hurt more in the long run.


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