I'm confused and I need help.

so today my ex girlfriend called me and she asked me about myself and my familly and w talked for a while but the thing is why did she called me ? I mean she dumped me two years ago and whenever she see me in the street she ignores me , so all I want to know is why she called me now ? any ideas ?


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  • What did she want to know? Plus you owe her nothing. Not even picking up the call.


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  • Probably because you were a part of her life, and she was curious about how you were doing.

    • but I see her everyday and she never even say hi , why would she want to know how am I doing now ?

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    • do you think so ? , well we only talked about how things are going and about work and some random talks

    • Well I doubt she's calling because she still likes you. If she did, she would've talked about your relationship, hinted at getting together some time, and fished for your relationship status.

      I honestly think she was just bored one night and was like, "Hmm, wonder how the ex is doing."

      Don't try to read too far into it man, at least until she gives you reason to.

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