Guys: why do guys cheat?

What are the main reasons for a guy cheating on his girl. Most of my boyfriend have cheated on me dispite the fact that we had a good relationship. None of my boyfriend could man up and tell me why they did it. They just said they didn't know why and that it just happened.


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  • The same Goddamn reason women cheat. just like that one slutbag that has a FWB while being married, in a question after yours... Women cheat too. Why do women cheat?


    Okay, I will tell you why PEOPLE cheat. Because they are selfish, egotistical cunts and douche bags. They only think about their own gratification, without regard to any other person's feelings, when dealing in a relationship. Basically, they only think, "Me, me, ME!", or, "Me first, fuck everyone else". In a nutshell, people are selfish, self absorbed twits, that need to be eradicated from the face of the earth, because they lack morality, and don't fucking care about anything, but themselves. If a person actually loved you, would they do anything to hurt your feelings? Would they lie, to cover up something that may hurt your feelings, if you found out? Those are signs, that all they care about, is themselves, and fuck your feelings. Hell, I have come to the conclusion that the modern person is absolutely INCAPABLE of actually loving another person. Any time someone says, "I love you", and they aren't related to you, by blood, it really means, "For now, I love the way you make me love myself. I don't really care for you, but for now, you make me feel special.". So, the way it is, People cheat, because they only care about their own gratification, and not about you.

    Sorry, but my misanthropy has reached a fever pitch... LOL

    • I agree with you up to the point you said the modern person is incapable of feeling love.

      I still have love for my old girlfriends, things just happen like people moving away and shitty life stuff.

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    • I agree with your last comment 100%

    • (GaG need's an edit feature lol)

      found the opeset word to Narcissism is altruism or altruistic which means "behavior by an animal that is not beneficial to or may be harmful to itself but that benefits others of its species"

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  • I've never even considered cheating on any girlfriends that I've had. I'm a human being with empathy who can identify with my fellow man that's why.

    There are loads of selfish people of both genders out there who only care of their own satisfaction or put the time in to communicate and discuss their problems or issues in a relationship. It's nothing new nor exclusive to men.

    • So did you just want to hear yourself talks or what? You didn't answer my question and if you haven't cheated someone because why are you even putting your input

    • lol no I'm just saying that it's not hard to understand that someone who can cheat on their partner doesn't respect nor care for the other person. If someone did truly care or respect the other person they wouldn't cheat to begin with. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that...

  • I don't understand either but a friend of mine has done it caus his girlfriend sucks in bed and she isn't gonna find out. I feel bad for her but he stopped because he does love her and I gave him some insight as to why he shouldn't do it.

    He did it to an ex too but that was because the relationship was pretty much over.

  • not all guys cheat. I don't.

    are you sure they cheat or are you overly paranoid?

    do you somehow push them into cheating by accusing them of doing so?

    guys and girls are aloud to be friends without being in a relationship.

    • what purpose would you have to buy a house? I am single, and since I don't have kids, not married, a house is a liability, and not an asset. it is a money pit. You pay taxes, You pay maintenance... You waste money. Basically, it is more efficient, that being a single person, with no other people, to stay in a modest apartment. less cost, and fewer headaches. just my opinion. I read your comment below. I just want a response, and the best way, is to find your answer, and post there.

    • Conversely, I don't think it is wise to be platonic friends with the opposite gender, unless both parties are loyal to someone else. Meaning, I will never be friends with a single female. The reason, there could be misunderstandings, and such will elude to other problems. It is better, to be friends with the opposite gender, in a group or, if you are friends with her and her boyfriend/husband, as she is with you, and your wife. Fewer dilemmae that way.

  • I don't think guys are wired to cheat more than women.

    The "why cheating?" question always puzzled me. If you don't respect, love and cherish your partner enough to remain with them and only with them, why not ending the relationship ?

    I have never considered cheating as an option, even when my relationships were at a low point.

    Regarding your own context, I guess you dated immature guys who didn't take a relationship as something serious. So no wonder they couldn't man up and tell you why. They probably didn't even see a problem acting like that.

  • Not all guys cheat. You need to learn how to pick better men.

  • The same reason women do, they think they can get away with it

  • The old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is not really accurate.

    Generally speaking, women do not understand the importance of sex to men. It's more than just an itch that needs to be scratched. It's more than just a selfish desire. It's a big part of who we are. When we are sexually unsatisfied it affects our happiness and our self esteem. When we are satisfied it makes us feel complete and loved. A woman who knows how to keep a man satisfied in the bedroom is a woman who knows how to keep her man faithful. Unfortunately, most women over-complicate the issue and try too hard to understand it in non-sexual terms.

    • Really? I am a man's man, in my walk. I am a former marine corps DI. If sex is so fucking important, to men, as you say, Why the blue fuck would I rather be ascetic? I choose to not have a sexual relationship with anyone, until it is a meaningful relationship. I went the past 2 years without. My ex was the last woman I had sex with, and that was in 2012. Beforehand, I went 8 years. Why? because I am man enough to not be weak to pussy. answer me that?

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    • Telanstus: nothing wrong with that, but it's not the norm. My comments were generalizations and everyone is different.

      Jinmetsu_Rasetsu: I'm so sorry for you bro. Better luck...

    • Sorry for what? Being a slave to your base mentality? Being a male human organism, than being an actual MAN? You're right, you are sorry. That is the best thing you've said, so far, You're sorry. Suitable. I told recruits that all the time. And you know what, they were sorry, until I made them marines. You're just sorry.

  • The main reason I think is a lack of emotional connection. If a guy is really emotionally connected with you, the chances that he will cheat are low I think.

    Also consider the fact that, if a guy has managed to persuade you to be with him, that means he has attractive qualities that probably many other girls find attractive. Any girl could get laid easily. The same is not true of guys. Therefore, an attractive guy is a special thing. And he's even more special if he's already been pre-selected by some other girl. It's no secret that girls can get suspicious of single guys ("Why is he single? What's wrong with him?"), whereas they value attached guys. In other words, there's opportunity.

    In summary, it's lack of emotional connection with you, plus the opportunity to cheat.

    • I'm single not because there's something wrong with me but because my main goal right now is to buy a house.

      also I think women can be very scary.

  • Why do girls cheat?

  • cuz guys like having sex with lots of girls.

    • Thank you someone actually answered the question

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  • " Most of my boyfriend have cheated on me dispite the fact that we had a good relationship."

    Nope, you didn't have good relationships with them.

    You're either choosing 'bad boys' who will obviously cheat on you or you're doing something wrong.

    • And you didn't answer my question either and I was just putting a back story. By good relationship I mean I didn't do anything that would have pushed them to decide to cheat on me. Beside this question was for guys so I didn't asks for your input

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    • It's not that difficult to find someone who isn't shitty. My boyfriend isn't shitty and he would be stereotyped and judged (beforehand) as a major douche bag)

    • There is a point, where what you may say, can be contrary. It takes the proper motivation, to bring out unscrupulous behaviour. Myself, included. My devil's price, is when I am attempting to prove a point. Now, I haven't seen the necessity to prove a point, where unscrupulous tactics would be necessary, in quite some time.

  • Selfishness. I get that because you're a woman people say you're choosing bad partners which is stupid but I think it's something you should look into and I would be saying the same thing to a guy that constantly gets cheated on.


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