Do I really want him back or is it my pride?

Me and my ex have been broken up for over three years now still it doesn't seem like that long ago truth is I went completely crazy when he broke up with me,he wanted to stay friends me how I am accepted that and it was so painful for me I digress. Fast forward lots of things have happened he has had a lot of gfs contrary to me I haven't really been in another long term or serious relationship after him .i always been telling myself how much I love and care about him and telling him that as well.Truth is now I am no so sure if I really want him bak or if it's the though oh wanting him back that I have and my pride getting in the way and needing validation .

We went out and we kissed and I don't know if I was expecting more but I didn't feel anything? How can I know if it's my pride or if I really want him back? If so how can I get over that?


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  • You've been separated for three years, you've both had your experiences.

    You probably have idealized the relationship during these times. And now that you have kissed again, has come the time of the reality check.

    All these feelings that remained, during all this time, was he worth them ? Weren't you lying to yourself ?

    Give it another try, if you aren't sure at the moment, because you need to be sure it wasn't more a difficulty to move on.

    • I guess I did idolized the relationship and him more lol ,I still find him a great person he just has a lot of issues ,some of these feelings he wasn't worth a lot of them and I guess I been lying myself into thinking he was a way better person than he is even though he is still a good person.thank you :)

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  • mmm, I am kinda having the same problem , when we talk on Facebook or on the phone I feel nothing , but when we don't talk or when I don't see him for a long time , I keep thinking about him and remembering everything about us , I tried to have the same feelings with other guys but I couldn't , I you would directly think of him when I am with another guy , I always think what could have been or what could have happened , so I also wonder it as you do . but as the other reply , I see that if thre is a chance for you guys to get back go for it , maybe you are just afraid of getting that involoved again , or maybe you are with that saying '' we never notice how much we love a thing till it is gone '' , or maybe it is the sadness and madness that was built into your heart that makes you feel you don't want him , but those hatred feelings may really fade away if you slowly by slowly started getting close the way you guys did before , it only needs a one to one romantic date , and then determine what do you want

    • I feel that way when I'm away from him but when I saw him I just felt like I don't know numb? It was really strange and we talked like we always talked he says I'm his very trusted friend ,we have a lot of trust in each other I know he cares about me but I don't think he cares about me as much as I do ,I never had any hate towards him I was angry but more at myself .

      Idk if we can be together because things have change ,I thing there's a chance but I don't feel he wants it as much as I do.

    • maybe it is because so much time came between you guys , I mean 3 years is a long time of course , me and my ex have just been broken up for 8 months , so that's is what making the difference , but I too still don't know what will my feelings be when I meet him !

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