Is it possible to game back my boyfriends trust?

So my boyfriend changed all his passwords and emails so I don't snoop through them. We been together for a year and a half and he is known as the ladies man he has girls all over him. In his inbox calling him texting him showing up at his work and at times he would give girls rides home when. Asked him not to. He doesn't like to be on Facebook around me and when he is I catch him looking a pictures of girls. He tells me I can trust him and I have nothing to worry about but then he always saying how this girl tried to show off this body part or tried to flirt with him and I don't know it makes me worry cause I'm bigger than the girls he go for and he told me if I get any bigger than he will look and talk toother girls
I mean he is honest with me but at times my guts tells me otherwise and I trusted him but so many girls get his attention but he tells them all about me but I don't know maybe I'm scared that my first true love and first real relationship could end. We're in love we live together. Maybe it's just me


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  • It might just be me but I would never date anyone who even tried to go though my emails or even my phone for that matter. As for your question, yes it probably is. how? not sure, I refuse to trust anyone who goes though anything of mine


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  • This doesn't sound like a healthy relationship at all. You're invading his privacy while he's being a jackass. You need to decide if you're willing to be with him or if you think you deserve better. In my opinion, I think you do, but I don't really know the guy like you, only what you've told me in this ?

    • I'm new to this, the response I wrote to you I put it as an update by mistake

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  • He's a complete asshole and a player. You're going to get your heart broken. I see no good coming from this relationship. You shouldn't even bother. Do better


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