Why is my ex girlfriend contacting me after coming back from a trip with her colleague?

I broke up with my ex a year ago though the relationship was already in trouble at the time because I believed she had started losing interest as well and was getting distant as well so if I hadn't broke up with her in the first place she would have probably eventually done it. Weeks after the break up she told me that she still loved me, but I decided to remain friends and she took it well and appeared fine with it. 3 months later she asked to meet we did and mostly talked about how we were doing. Weeks later she asked to meet again to talk about us. We did and she said that she wanted us to be friends which was weird because we were friends already and I never said I wanted her back after talking we realized that we both weren't sure of our feelings to each other and decided to just leave it to destiny.

Fast forward months that followed my feelings for her came back and I wanted her back but did not come out and told her but I guess actions speak louder then words because I tried to maintain contact, and was initiating most of the contacts, but then she started being rude at times and responded harshly to me, teasing her. so I assumed that she had moved on and took my distance. weeks after taking my distance she messaged tom check how I was and inform me that she would be going back to her country for 2 weeks Because a grandfather was sick, I did not reply then she messaged me a week later saying she was at the airport Because her grandfather has passed away, I offered my condolences, she replied again this time saying she missed me a little and was hoping to see me when she's back.

she suggested that we should meet for coffee to update each other, I was busy at the time and said that I would get back to her, but I ended not getting back to her. anyways the last time I messaged her was 5 months ago for her birthday it was a very short and straight to the point message, and I wasn't expecting her to reply. then a month earlier she sent me a request on Facebook with a message asking how I was saying that she hasn't heard from me for a long time and saying that at the time she had just landed and arrived from a trip in thailand, by that time we haven't been in contact for 4 months.

i added her and replied nicely and briefly, which she took as a joke and replied again but I left it like that. anyways what's making me curious is from the pictures she went with a colleague I don't know whether they are actually a couple now. but why is she contacting me after so long to tell me that she had just landed and arrived from her trip after not been in touch for so long ?and if she is actually dating her colleague and had an amazing time why reconnect and contact me immediately after arriving? We broke up a year ago and been in no contact for 4 months... if she is in a new relationship and happy why reconnecting with me now?


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  • Well there is no way to tell without magic or asking her. But it really depends on you, what do you want from her?

    If you want to get her back I would not ask her as this might seem clingy. Just start off with sending her some nice text messages, you might even be a bit flirty. But avoid anything that might seem desperate to her. You can use some nice memories you had together and put them in your text, do it in a sneaky way.

    If you get a good conversation out of it then ask her out, just for a coffee. Have a nice and easy upbeat conversation. Take her out twice or thrice, if you feel you are having fun together and she is not having a boyfriend that she won't leave for you, take her out again and risk making a move, tell her whatever you think may work for you, important point is you want her you don't need her.

    If you want friendship, just arrange her to meet for coffee be nice and enjoy yourself.


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