Getting tired of him should I let him go?

So this guy and I have been seeing each other. Not really a relationship but he kinda treats it somewhat like one. I would say more like friends with benefits. But he gives me his things, brings me around his cousin and friends etc. I kinda felt like he was talking to other girls which is fine with me because we aren't together. And I talk to other guys. Well a week ago when we hung out he told me he had something to tell me. He told me that the whole time we been kinda talking he had a girlfriend. That REALLY pissed me off. Not because of the actual girlfriend but because he didn't tell me. I've been a good ass friend to him helping him with money for his car troubles and all. And he couldn't even tell me that how shitty. I would have never done anything with him if I had already knew these things in the past. I'm really getting tired of him in all honesty. He was supposed to pay me back today and he said it will be a maybe. I told him that I need my money on time. After he pays me back should I just stop talking to him? Also I forgot to mention because currently my thoughts are jumbled, when we get into little disagreements he's always like you don't have to talk to me no more if you don't want to which I never suggested in the first place. Any ideal on this too? Thanks guys !


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  • Any guy that has a girlfriend yet sees another girl on the side and doesn't tell the girl he's seeing is a total disgrace! He's a cheat, liar, dishonest and not worth any more of your time. His dangling you on a yo-yo about the loan after you've been helping him with money and car troubles plus all the other stuff is more than most girls could or would ever swallow. You may not realize it but your reputation is on the way down the drain as well as your self-worth. Try to get your money back, but the main thing you need to do is dump him as fast as you can! He's a first-class jerk so don't waste any more of your time with him. He will not be there for you when you want or need him. He's taken advantage of you big time and it doesn't even seem to bother him. He's been a jerk like that for such a long time that he's become desensitized and has lost feelings for other people or for what he continues to do wrong. I'm sure his friends and cousins have probably been wondering what's going on. You will be far better off without him. There's nothing good in this relationship for you. If you don't bring it to an end, he will when you least expect it and it will be a bad ending. You are paying a huge price for what little enjoyment he's giving you. So yes, you should let him go without looking back. The sooner the better!

    • I agree I don't have time for the stupid stuff anymore. His presence irritates me which is all bad lol. Thank you for your answer I'm def gonna follow your advice :)

    • I think that's a good move on your part. Thanks for BA! :)

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  • It really depends on you. There will come a time where something snaps inside you and you'll think, I've had ENOUGH. And you'll feel it deep down too. At that point, you'll be able to drop him without crying much over it.

    but what the fuck is he doing talking to you and other girls like that?!?! He is cheating on his girlfriend with what sounds like multiple girls, which says volumes about his character. How much did you lend him, anyway? I'm not so sure he's even going to follow through with paying you back.

  • Sounds like it is time to move on.


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