Ex adding my friend on Facebook?

Yesterday my ex added a friend of mine (who he doesn't know, only mentioned her about once) on Facebook and basically says he knows her because of me and brought up an insignificant conversation I had with her once that I told him about. He told her he just wanted to "creep her fb" and tried to be funny about it.

He's single. I'm in a relationship now. I intro'd him to a girlfriend of mine when we were dating, they talked plenty but it didn't bother me because she's my friend. I talk to one of his buddies and it bothers him even though I'm in a relationship now ? It's whatever, he's just a guy I know through him because he introduced me...nothing big. All casual talk!

So why would he add one of my girlfriends after we broke up? For this same reason or?


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  • He added your girl friend for one simple reason ... so that he can see you through her ... Pics posted and taged etc.


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