Spring break 2014 Questions?

Whos ready to turnnnnn up?! What are gonna be the top destinations?! And my BIG question... What will be the big clothing trends cause I need to start stocking up! And how to find someone to hook up with?!


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  • I will be going to the keys. It's really not hard for girls to find guys to hook up with. I just hope you are being safe.


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  • What do you mean "how" do you find someone to hook up with? Are you really asking what I think you're asking?

    I'll assume you really mean "how do I get that hot guy to notice me and approach me". The answer is, you must spend thousands of dollars on designer clothes, purses, jewelry, grooming, make-up, and weight loss pills. Thousands of dollars. And don't forget to read those magazines articles on how to get a man.

    This all TOTALLY works. Just do it.

  • Two words: Wet. T-shirt. Hope you've got the boobs for it!

    • trust me, I do

    • Nice! What size are you rocking?

    • Hey QA! Tell us about the rack you're rocking for the wet t-shirts! :P

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