Ex boyfriend contacts me after cheating still denies it?

my ex texted me after a month of no contact saying miss you you crazy bitch. is this somehow meant to be inticing me to reply? why would he even send that considering I left him because he cheated on me several times and I found out. he kept denying it but its do stupid Because I literally saw it with my own eyes! I raged at him and he ignored my calls of anger. now 1/2 months later he sent this message? then a few days later he called me on private number I picked up he said hey bubby I hung up then he called 3 more times I ignored. that was a week ago. why did he do those things? he knows I would never have anythijg to do with him again so why?


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  • get a sexy guy to play along in the game to be a pretend boyfriend, you know, just to take pic's with, (you and your new man ) lol, and everytime your ex text you or whatever then you send him a pic back of you and your hunk lol and if your on Facebook post some on there to since he is gonna look at your fb profile to. oh and when you send him the pic say this with in the message : my new boyfriend, he is cleaner than you, not lazy like you, and he is so good in bed, so good that I can never go back to your bad sex again. ha-ha-ha. that wil break his ego good. hope it works .


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  • Wow what an awesome boyfriend you picked. He was such a prime catch huh? Great 'pick' lol.


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  • Some people just can't accept it when a relationship ends. Just ignore him and he'll move on.


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