Why is he acting this way? Its a little long, but this has been bothering me for months

K so I've known this guy since gr.5 (we're in gr.11 now)and we kinda got off on the wrong foot in elementary school when we got into a fight so when we went to highschool we never really talked. Now this year we got stuck in a seating plan together as desk buddies (for 3 desk changes)but at first it was a little awkward and we didn't really say anything but after a while we started talking a little bit but mostly about the work we were doing. As time went on we started talking a little more and made each other laugh a little and he also tried to give me compliments (not on looks though) but it was almost like he was nervous when he was trying to give me a compliment and thought he was saying the wrong thing so then kept apologizing but I assured him it was OK and I appreciated it. anyway our desks got changed and I figured since we made a little progress on being OK around each other we might be able to talk outside of class but when I tried talking to him when we were walking to the bus at the same time one day, he barely looked at me and gave me kind of short answers as if he wasn't really interested on having a conversation. so after that I never approached him like that again. But I see him EVERYWHERE like even rounding corners at the same time or I'll happen to look over at the exact second he opens a door from one of the stairwells, some days we end up going the same place for lunch or we'll get to school at the exact same time. Whenever I do see him though he always glances at me quickly and a couple times we have made eye contact for a split second and then both of us started looking back where we were going. If I ever end up walking behind him, he keeps turning his head to the side and glancing back at me every ten seconds even if he's talking to somebody, he'll turn his head away from them to glance back at me. But if he has no idea I'm behind him, he doesn't glance back once. (But since that day walking to the bus I’ve only said a few words to him when he asked to borrow my sharpener before a test.) Even while writing a quiz the other day, our teacher made us come up in pairs to write it on either side of her desk. He was one of the first ones to go. And then I went somewhere near the middle but I made sure I went to the spot near the front so I wouldn't be writing the quiz right beside his desk. But once I went up there he asked if he could go to the washroom and came up to get the hallpass which was right beside me. At first I didn't realize it was him but then I just saw this hand slowly reaching for the hall pass, grab it, then he walked out. I really do not get what’s up with him and I can’t really just approach him about this because he's really private about this kinda thing so he'd get upset if I asked...does anybody understand what all of this means? This has been a mystery for months now and no one else I know can figure out what this means, please help?


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  • LOL! Well you can always do an experiment with guys like him if not him. If you like him flirt your butt off, but nothing to bad. When your passing him in the hall or somewhere, walk up to him and smile and see what he does or says.


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